She continued to hug her car until she heard someone clear their throat

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She continued to hug her car until she heard someone clear their throat. Then she heard the voice of the one person she's been wanting see since she left Forks.

"Well dang I'm hurt. A car got a hug from you before I did. I thought that we were best friends. Just hurtful." Jacob said shedding a fake tear.

Destiny turned around and saw her best friend. She looked him over and saw that puberty hit him like a truck. She smiled, running towards him and jumped on him with her legs wrapped around his waist. Jacob laughed and spun them as Destiny squealed. Billy and Charlie smiled at their reunion as Bella just glares upset that Jake is paying more attention to her. Jacob stopped spinning them as he was getting dizzy. He puts Destiny down as they laughed at each other's dizziness. Once they get over their dizziness they hug again.

"I missed you Jakey." Destiny said as she put her head in the crook of Jake's neck.

"I missed you too beauty." Jake said letting her go.

"Not that nickname." Destiny laughed.

"Yes that nickname. I'm never going to stop calling you that and you know it." Jake replied.

"Sadly. Oh well I like it anyway." Destiny teased.

"I know you do. I did make it." Jake teases back.

They laugh and Destiny pushes him playfully and he trips and falls. Destiny starts laughing at him as he gets up and gives her a mischievous look that she knows too well.

"Jake don't even think about it." Destiny said as she backed away from Jacob.

"Awe what's the matter? You scared?" Jake teases as he starts walking closer to Destiny.

"I know that look Jake so stay back." Destiny said as she started to run.

Jake chased her around the yard until he finally playfully tackled her and started tickling her. Destiny laughed as she squirmed in Jake's hold. Jake laughed at her as she squirmed trying to escape. Destiny started hitting him wanting him to stop. He finally stopped and he helped her up as they were both still laughing.

"Do they always act like that?" Bella asked enviously. Charlie and Billy simply nodded as Destiny and Jacob made their way back to the group.

"Hey Billy goat, how you been?" Destiny asked teasingly.

"You know still dancing and I'm more of a wolf." Billy said with a smirk.

Destiny laughed and hugged him tightly. They let go and Jacob put his arm around Destiny as she laid her head on his shoulder. Charlie then patted an old, ugly orange truck.

"So Bella what do you think?" Charlie asked turning towards her.

"Of what?" Bella asked clueless.

"Your homecoming present." He said as he looked at the truck.

"This!?" Bella asked excitedly. Charlie nodded.

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