Chapter 2

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Port Angeles,Washington

As the plane landed Bella closed her book and put it back in her bag. She shook Destiny awake and gathered her things. Destiny woke up taking her earbuds out of her ears looking at Bella questioningly. Bella told her the plane has landed so she unplugged her earbuds from her phone putting them away. She got up and grabbed her carry on bag, walking off the plane with Bella following her. They walked to the baggage claim and grabbed their suitcases. They made their way to the front looking for Charlie. Finally, they found him and Destiny ran to him as he opened his arms to her. She jumped on him as he caught her and they hugged each other tightly. Bella glared at them as she watched them with envy. How could Charlie act that way with Destiny if she isn't even his real daughter. They let go of each other and Destiny got down when they heard Bella clear her throat.

"Hey Bella." Charlie said awkwardly giving her a side hug.

"Hey Char- dad." Bella said almost calling him his name instead of dad. Destiny rolled her eyes at this. Charlie catches it, but doesn't say anything. He turns to Destiny who has an excited look.

"Hey Dessy, how you been?" Charlie asks returning his attention back to Destiny much to Bella's dismay.

"I've been good dad. Just can't wait to see all my friends." Destiny answered excitedly. She couldn't wait to see Jake and all her friends from La Push.

"Well then let's get this show on the road." Charlie said throwing his arm around Destiny's shoulder as she puts her arm around his waist. They walk out the airport with Bella walking slowly behind them. They all got in the squad car Destiny in the back wanting Bella and their dad to talk. As they were on the way to Forks Charlie decided to make conversation with Bella.

"Your hair's longer." He simply stated to try to get the conversation started.

"I cut it since last time I saw you." Bella states. Destiny rolls her eyes and face palms.

'For someone who wants to have a better relationship with her dad she sure isn't putting in any effort.' Destiny thought.

"Oh, it must've grew out again." Charlie stated awkwardly. He looked in the mirror at Destiny and saw her hair.

"And what are you a lion?" He chuckled knowing lions were one of her favorite animals.

"You know it, roarrrr. And you wish you had luscious locks like mine." Destiny said as she imitated a lion's roar.

Charlie was laughing amused by his younger daughter. Bella sat in her seat quietly seething as she watched her dad and adopted sister interact with each other. Charlie smiled at his younger daughter and paid attention to the road once again. Finally they past a sign that said "The city of Forks welcomes you. Population: 3,500."

Destiny looked out the window excitedly looking at the forests that she loved so much. Soon they pulled up to their childhood home. Destiny immediately got out and breathed in the fresh, crisp air as she put her jacket on. She walked to the trunk of the squad car as Charlie popped it open. She grabbed her bags while Charlie grabbed Bella's bags and walked to the front door. Charlie closed the trunk and walked to the door to open it. They all walked in and up the stairs. Destiny took her childhood home in and happily followed Charlie and Bella up the stairs.

"Ok Bella you'll sleep in Destiny's old room and I cleared some space in the bathroom for you." Charlie stated putting Bella's bags in her new room.

"Oh right one bathroom. Wait where is Destiny going to sleep?" Bella asked a little smugness seeping in that she took Destiny's room. Hoping that Charlie was going to make Destiny sleep on the couch.

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