Chapter 1

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This is my first real book I have ever writen so I'm sorry if there is gramma mistakes ;)

Also it's all thanks to my friend rikk457b that I'm putting up this book!😁💕

Picture of Shaylee's first dress

《 Shaylee's POV 》

"Miss Shaylee wake up." I'm being shock awake by my maid, "Morning Rose..." I smile at her while sitting up in my queen size bed. " Good morning Miss." Rose smiles " hurry and go take a bath and come down for breakfirst. " Rose says as she walks over to the door. "Alright," she walks out of the room and I really don't want to get out of my bed, not today.

Hello my names Shaylee Gold Jackson, but my friends that I trust gets to call me Shay. I have dark brown hair that goes to my waist with chokolade brown eyes. My parents is filty rich, they own the biggest shipping firma and they are so stuck up, yes I said that about my parents, but to be honest Rose and the rest of the people working around our mansion are more like my family than my real family. They care and acts like one big family, I love them more than my parents, and isn't that just sad...?

Being rich means that all people in my school wants to be my friend, I act friendly to them but I don't trust them, I know I have a major trust issue...

"Miss you better be up!" Rose yells at me from the kitchen. Better get up then...

I make my way over to my bathroom and take a shower, after that I go to my walkin closet and pick out some underwear that sadly is pink, I hate that color, urgh... It's not the color I don't like, it's just that when you wake up in the morning and you see your room in pink, and I mean everywhere! The walls, bed, celling, everything. Then you will grow to hate it, I know why do you have a pink room if you don't want it? Simple I didn't design this myself, my mom and dad thinks I'm a little girl that loves girly stuff... I don't.

I put on some grey sweatpants and a pink oversize shirt, sadly I don't even get to pick my own fucking clothes!... I grab my phone and put on my pink fluffy flip flops before making my way down stairs.

I sit down in one of the chairs thats around the island in the kitchen and Rose puts my breakfirst infront of me. "Thank you Rose." I smile and begin eating and I moan as I'm eating Rose's pancakes let me tell you she makes the best pancakes ever!

As I'm done with my breakfirst I just sit on the chair and talk to Rose when the door to the kitchen opens and reveals my Lovely parents, please note the sacasm...

"Why are you just sitting here talking insted of getting ready?!" My mom calls out."Because I don't want to get ready yet, it's only 10am..." I exclaim with my head bent so she can't see my grim exprecion.

"And the party starts in less than 3 hours." She states in a sweet voice, but you could hear her anger. It didn't really effect me, but I'll let her think it does just to satisfy her.

"Rose help Shaylee with getting in her dress." My mother commands in her bossy voice. "Of course mrs. Jackson," Rose does a little bow and turns to me." Shall we miss?" Rose smiles and lightly pushes me out of the kitchen and up the stairs. "She's absolutely the worst, I'm not some barbie doll, she never thinks about me and what I want!" I hiss under my breath and Rose lets out a sigh. " She does care about you..." I sigh and go into my room. "I don't think she even likes me one bit, look at what she wants me to wear!!" I yell pointing to the drees that hang from the door to my walkin closet "Rose, there is no way in hell That I'll wear that i!..." It's not an ugly dress, it's just not my style at all.

"Rose give me the number to the staff that's serving tonight." I grab my phone and press in the number Rose found. "Hello this is the Quastin service staff, how may I help you?" A middle age man answers the phone, " This is Shaylee Gold Jackson I'm a guest at the party that's hosted by the Hiltons tonight." I hear the man gulp before speaking again.

" Hello miss Jackson what are you calling for?" I hate the formalities people always use, "could you give the phone to one of the waiters thats gonna go around with the drinks?" There is silence in a second.

"of course miss." I hear another voice in the baggrund and some whispers before someone answers. " Hello miss Jackson." A man asked with a deep but not to deep voice, you get what I mean?, good. "Whats your name?" I ask, " Travis Dunster, why would you call for me?" Travis formally asks " Just drop the formalities Travis, I need you to do me a favor of course you will get a good payment."

There was a long pause at the other line " I'm listening..." comes his answer a short while later, and I think he has a smirk plastered on his face.. " Nice, okay here's the plan-..."


I smirk as Rose helps me get in to this ugly ass dress, okay it's not that ugly but I still don't like it... "I still don't think you should do this.." Rose's voice comes from my closet as she comes out with a pair of white stilettos. "Do I have to?" I absolutely hate stilettos.

"Yes, mr. Jackson said you had to look extra good tonight," she explains, I take my eyes of off the heels wich I was having a glare competition with, and look at her.

Rose has a sad expression, my dad told her?. "Why are you sad Rose? What are you not telling me?" I know when she's hidding something from me. " I accidentally overheard mr. Jackson talking on the phone with a person and he said your name, business and marriage in the same sentence..." my eyes opened wide, "..Arrange marriage..." I can't believe it.. "what about my mom is she in on it?.." I don't need an answer to that I could see it in her eyes. I can't believe my own parent would do something like that.

If they can do whatever pleases them, then hell I can do the same.

"Rose I'm gonna go show the dress to the two persons who doesn't give a damn, and then I'll be going back up here please have the other dress ready." I say in one breath.

"Of course Shay." She smiles.
The only people who gets to call me shay is the rest of the employees here.

I run down the stairs wich btw is pretty hard with a dress that goes to the floor, but I menage.

I was greeted by the worst people in the world, my parents. "Are you ready yet?" My farther asks roughly pulling on his sleeves, must be nervous or something.

"Yes, I just need to get my purse and jakket." I answer politely and force a smile up.

"Then what are you doing down here?" My mother commands in a bitchy tone while happiness shines in her eyes.

I turn around and walk up the stairs again while rolling my eyes.

"Rose help me get out of this dress now!" I called out, as I close the door.

Rose came out with a different dress in her arms much more me.

"Of course miss. " she smiled.

In less than 2 minutes I was re-dressed in a white and blue dress that was long in the back and shorter in the front.

"Thanks, now take this and give 1 million to all the staff in this household and tell them to go live their lives." I said and handed her my mothers master credit card.

Yeah I'm evil, live with it.

She smiled and gave me a hug.

I hurried down the stairs with a floor length jacket on so that my parents won't see the dress.

I ran as fast as I could out of the door and inside the limo.

"I'm never gonna wear heels this high again." I muttered under my breath.

I get a glare from my mom and then we're of to the party.

Okay, thats it for the first chapter. Please tell me if my chapters are too long or too short. :)

||XoXo|| ~Sarah 💕

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