Chapter Eleven: Goodbye, Nicholas. . .

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Nick's POV

I was so tired, I could feel the sleep dragging down my eyelids. I wearily pushed open the door to my house and stepped into the darkness.

"So Nick, what do you have to say for yourself?" I heard her soft voice before I could see her, but I could tell that she wasn't happy. On the contrary, when I switched on the light, I saw the tears glinting in her eyes and the anger on her lips. "Oh shit. . ."

"W-what d'you mean, Liv?" I asked nervously, approaching her with caution in my step.

"Don't come near me!" She hissed, squirming slightly on the spot and recoiling as I neared. I obediently stopped moving but put my hand forward, reaching for hers. "No, not until we've sorted this shit!" she continued and I withdrew my hand.

"So, whats been happening?" Olivia asked, as calmly as she could. She threw herself onto the sofa and crossed her long, beautiful legs. When I didn't reply, she gave me a look, awaiting my reply.

"Well. . ." I can tell her stuff, right? I mean, I wouldn't be with her if I didn't trust her.

I positioned myself next to her on the sofa and she placed her hand on my knee. Gratefully, I took it in mine. "Okay. . . well, the other day, Miley and Liam had an argument, a big one. My guess is that they've split up and dropped the engagement. No, me and Miley did not go to Paty's on a 'date', she went there to meet Liam but, um, he didn't turn up so she, um, she drove off and was blinded and confused by rage and sadness. She crashed the car and ended up in hospital. Now, coincidentally, my friend was just in hospital at the same time so I was there, that is when I passed Liam so I guess they're friendly for now. No, I didn't visit her bed in the hospital. But. . . I cannot deny that I went to see her at her house earlier on. Today, I went round just to check if she was okay after coming out of hospital and with Liam. I had to check, Liv, we have so much history and I can't lose her again. . ."

Olivia just sat there, staring into my eyes to check if i was lying. I'm very good at hiding emotions. These lies I was spouting. . . if she didn't believe. . .

"So what you're saying is. . . you and Miley are just. . . friends." She said slowly as she processed it all in her head.

I gritted my teeth and said, in my head, "Sorry, Miles. . ." as I answered with a shaky "Yes,"

"You sure?"

"Yes," I repeated again, gulping. "just friends."

"Well that's okay then!" She cried, all smiles again. "I love you, babe!" and she pulled me into a great big kiss. I swung her into my arms and held her as I kissed her back without hesitation.

This, for some reason, felt all wrong. . .

* * *

Olivia's POV

". . . Today, I went round just to check if she was okay after coming out of hospital and with Liam. I had to check, Liv, we have so much history and I can't lose her again. . ."He said, staring closely at our hands which were entwined in his lap.

I was staring into his eyes the whole time, reading him for any signs that he was lying. Aparently not. . . "So what you're saying is. . . you and Miley are just. . . friends." I said slowly as I processed it all in my head; it was a lot to take in!

"Yes," he answered uncertainly.

"You sure?" he looked at me suddenly. I just needed confirmation.

"Yes," he repeated, swallowing the lump in his throat. "just friends."

"Well that's okay then!" I cried, smiling with my teeth. "I love you, babe!" I whispered, pulling Nick into a great big kiss. I wanted to make sure; if he was telling the truth, he'd kiss me back. And he did. He swung me into his arms and held me as he deepened the kiss. This felt so right, I love Nick. . .

* * *

Nick's POV


"For gods sake Miley. . .!" I whispered through gritted teeth. I needed to make this phonecall count.


Still no reply. "Fucking hell, Miley!" I said, trying to keep my patience from making me shout.



"Miley! Why did you take so long?" I demanded.


"You fucking worried me sick, if something had happened to y-"

"SHUT THE FUCK UP, NICK!" she screeched, instantly shutting me up as she intended. "Please, just slow down and keep calm!"

"Geez. . . I'm so sorry Miley, I've been flying off the handle a lot recently what with. . . this and that happening."

"Yeah, I get it; it's been so much happening in the space of a few days."

"Yeah. . ." I mumbled, half listening to the hum of her voice.

"Um, Nick?"

"Oh, sorry, hey."

"What? What do you want?!" she demanded, sounding exasperated,

"I think Olivia believes our li- our cover stories. . . we'll be-"

"Nick, I think it's best if we don't see each other anymore." she said suddenly, all in one breath.

"W-what?" I spluttered.

"I said, I think it's best if we-"

"I heard what you said!" I snapped.

"Then why did you ask-"

"I just couldn't believe what you just said! I just got you back, Miles. Please don't do this!" My voice had turned into this beg but I didn't care.

"Goodbye, Nicholas. . ."


But the line went dead.

Emotions pounded through me, like venom coarsing through my veins. I was angry; it sounded as if she didn't care. I was confused; why doesn't she want to see me anymore? I was sad; I had lost her once more. . .

* * *


I LIED! Okay, I didn't lie but I didn't reach the target of 1000 words as this chapter is slightly shorter then the 1000 word target I set. But this is a needed filler chapter (and the authors note makes it add up to 1000 words so we're all happy and good)

Anyways, I love ya'll,

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