Chapter 1

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Author's POV

Siyang and Dachi were working on the forms for the qualifiers when Siyang got a call...

"Hello?...Oh Shoot! I forgot!, I can see if I can have someone else meet you, I have to do something for the tennis club at school....fine....okay...bye," Siyang said to the other person as he hung up the phone. 

"Who was that Siyang," Dachi asked curiously. 

"hm? Oh that was....wait. Dachi are you free later today?" Siyang asked finding this as an opportunity. 

Dachi nodded in reply and you could see a very small smile on Siyang's face. 

"Well, can you do me a favor? Someone special to me needs me to be with them for something important, but I have to do something; could you please go in place of me?" Siyang asked. 

"Sure, but where do I meet with this person?" Dachi asked. Siyang thought for a little before grabbing a paper and pen, writing something down then passing it to Dachi.

"This has the address that you should be meeting them at. Meet them after training and I'll treat you to something for helping me out," Siyang thanked.


After practice, Dachi left to go meet this unknown person. As he got to the place in which the address stated, he saw a girl who looked similar to Siyang. He went up to the girl and hesitantly asked, "Are chance looking for a guy named Mu Siyang?"

The girl turned to him and smiled saying, "Yes. Have you seen him?" 

"Um, He is busy with something and he asked me to accompany you in his place, is that okay?" Dachi explained. The girl nodded, giving him a genuine smile. 

"Well, my name is Mu Weichi. What about you," she introduced. 

"Chi Dayong. You can call me Dachi though," he held his hand out for her to shake. She gladly accepted and shook his hand. 

"well, what is it that Siyang was supposed to accompany you to do," Dachi asked. 

"I need to get my....."

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