Eternal Love

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BEEP BEEEEP! I groaned and tryed to turn but was unable.I awoke looking up to a velvet red wall i yawned and looked down at the beautiful white and red flowers that lay on my stomach,i smiled but brushed them to the side.

But there was somthing else that i held in my left hand and was enclosed tightly.I stared entently at it and smirked at it,a creit card? What the hell! Why a freaken credit card!I shoved it into my pants pocket.I suppose it was to buy my way to get started.

I had a note of instructions in my pocket just like hed instructed.I had an itching and dryed feeling in my throat,my stomach growled loudly.I sighed and opened the coffin and closed it and crawled and ripped through the dirt with my bare hands and got a fresh breath of the midnight air.I looked around at the sad and lonely stones that surrounded me.I got up and carefully put all the dirt back.

I walked over viewing my own stone.R.I.P. Dean Black,1993-2011, you will be missed,a great son,brother,grandson,and friend.I smiled sadly and put my finger on friend.I stood up and brushed my clothes off.I walked out of the cemetary in the dark streets of Arizona.

I needed to get out of here before anyone recognized me,I took out the paper my grandfather slipped into my pocket at the funeral.As he said i could easily see in the dark,my eyes adjusted at the words;

1.Get some clothes.

2.Ive set up most of youre living destinations for you.

3.You have a house in "Sunset Estates" in Los Angeles,California.

4.The office should tell you which it is.

5.Ive had youre old bed shipped there,as well as a few other things.

6.Youll need to buy food.Consider what you buy,it has to be more then just junk food Dean

7.Be mature,and start taking responsibility.

8.Control youre thirst.

9.Ive already set up where youll be attending school,youll get a call the morning you arrive in SunnyEstate.

10.My friend will greet you at the house.

11.Youre car will be in the garage.The plate number has changed.

12.You go by Dean Black

13.I suggest to change youre look but thats youre

choice.Knowing youve always wanted a piercing.

14.Do NOT take advantage of this Dean.There is still danger.

15.BE SOCIAL sweetheart!HAVE FUN! well miss you.CALL!

16.That was youre grandmother.Be safe Dean.xoxo

I smiled halfheartedly and shoved it into my pocket.I had to find a store around,first id eat,then id change.

I came along to a dinner around the corner,i walked in and ordered a water and some breakfast.While the waitress was in the back,i grabbed a pill and dropped it into the water.

She came back and looked at the drink "didnt i give you water?"

I smiled,"Yes Ma'm you did,you dont mind if i put some Crystal light into it,do you?Im becoming addicted to the lemonade flavor" i laughed tiredly.

She smiled"No sweetheart" and placed my food down.

I payed and walked out toward a small cheap looking store.I walked in and tryed on a pair of pants and a shirt. Id buy some Real clothes later.I changed into them half smiling in the bathroom,i cleaned the dirt off my arms and face. I also bought a hat to cover up my hair.I hated when my hair was dirty and liked to look nice in public,so i had to substitute.

I boreded the airplane and sat down and decided to watch a movie,i looked over at sun beginning to rise and my eyes flinched,i closed the blinds and sunk back into my sleep.This was going to be a long adventure.

*Next Day*

I walked up to the tall house and knocked on the door yawning,a tall man opened the door with a smile."Hello Mr. Black, my names Benedict,but you can call me Ben.Im your grandfathers friend.I will be here as your guide for the time being."He said with a french accent and motioned for me to come in."Nice to meet you Ben...Uh,Thanks."

I walked into the bathroom and took a shower,tomorrow i start school,again. This should be fun,I mean how hard could highschool be?Can't be any different from home schooling,right?

I grabbed my things together and slipped my shades on and my jacket.Walking out to the kitchen Ben said the rest of my clothes had come early that morning.Thankfully.

I ate breakfast and drank the tableted water.I yawned and headed out to the garage.I smirked,This was Not even my car! Where the Hell is my mustang?I growled in frusteration looking at my watch.I looked around and thought of an idea.I seen a small motorcycle shop on the way here.I grinned getting in the car and drove over to the shop getting out and looked at the bikes.One sat at the very end a blackand blood red colored one,brand new.I went inside and bought it,I left the car there and hopped on the motorcycle and drove over to the school,pete would pick the car up later.I went into the parking lot and parked it.

I looked up at the building and shook my head."Where you from?The bar?"A kid laughed looking at my bike.Before he could say another word,i grabbed him by his collar and shoved him against his car and i tightened my grip"Shut Up,pipsqueak"i growled.

""o-okay,s-s-sor"" he babbled,his friend stared at me.I let go and walked off into the double doors.

Walking down the hallway,i felt every head turn in the room,i had a cheesey smile appear. easy.

Some chick with black and platinum blonde long hair walked up beside me "hi,im ashley,but call me ash.You are so sick,wanna be friends?" she said as she touched my arm.I stopped walking and turned to her"Not really"

She stood there and smirked then frowned going back to her little clique "whatever douchbag!"

I rolled my eyes and  kept walking till i got to the office and grabbed my schedule.

The rest of the day was boring until i got to lunch..

I sat down at the empty table and put my earphones in and started eating some chips observing the kids around.

Then i felt a tap on my shoulder..

What the fuck now.

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