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The clock was ticking at the front of the room, repetitive and continuous, a little reminder that time was passing by with every breath I took, eating away more and more seconds every time I looked up.

I despised exams.

I'd always despised exams, but that time I did so particularly. I didn't like the idea of being that far away from Harry, of not being able to be reached if something happened.

I knew that, realistically, there wasn't a big chance of it happening, but I couldn't help myself. The fact that it could've potentially happened was more than enough to make me nervous.

Indigo was sitting in front of me, a bit towards my right, and while I could see her rather well, she couldn't look at me, considering it would've been rather suspicious of her to turn around.

I tapped on the desk, trying to get her attention, while I tried my best to think about the right answer to the question on the paper in front of me, feeling a bit frustrated when I couldn't remember. My professors seemed to have a talent for always managing to ask at least a question about something I didn't know, or didn't know well.

Indigo stood up and walked to the front desk, putting her test on it before walking back to her desk and packing her back, sending me a little look before going out of the room once and for all.

I sighed, going back to my paper. Yeah, exams were one of the things I despised the most, especially in that period. How was I supposed to focus on studying with everything that was going on? Harry could do it effortlessly, but he had a way better attention span than I did.

I shook my head when I realised I'd been reading the same sentence for the past five minutes, never really paying attention to it enough to understand its meaning. I was getting distracted so easily and I couldn't help it, since Harry seemed to be the only thing that was on my mind in that moment.

He'd finished his classes earlier that day and, since he had to wait for me to be done with my exam before going home, he'd decided to take advantage of the free hour or so he had to ask for information about the university's scholarship program.

Needless to say, I was too worried about that to even consider paying too much attention to the paper in front of me. I'd already answered all the questions but one, and something told me it would've taken some time for the last one to get an answer, considering the direction my thoughts had taken.

The scholarship was the only way he would be able to keep studying, it had to go well. It just had to.

I looked at the clock on the wall in front of me, sighing when I realised that ten more minutes had gone by. I took a deep breath and went back to reading the neglected question, gathering my thoughts at best and choosing my reply before finally putting the pen on the desk, relief washing over me in the second I realised I was actually done.

I stood up and walked to the front of the class, handing the papers to my professor before going back to my seat and gathering my things.

I put the strap of my bag over my shoulder and got out of the room, taking my phone out of the front pocket and turning it on, immediately frowning when multiple notifications came on the screen a matter of seconds after.

I scrolled through them, furrowing my eyebrows when I realised that they were all calls from Indigo, and a text message. I read the text message as I walked down the empty hallway, trying to understand what was going on, a sinking feeling smothering my chest in the second I did.

From Indigo: where are you?? i saw joel and harry argue, i don't know where they went

I quickly looked for Harry's number and called him, speeding my pace up to get out of the building quicker as I listened to the phone ring for what felt like centuries. He didn't answer so I called him again, right away, as I walked out of the main door, quickly crossing the sidewalk to reach my best friend, that was standing in the middle of the parking lot.

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