chapter 7~ oh...hi

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I woke up to the banging on the door. I looked over at joey who was still sleeping. Man he was a hevy sleeper.


I draged my self out of bed and anwserd the door.

Shane: omg marcus is joey here

It was shane dawson.

Marcus: ye but hes sleeping what are you doing here?

Shane: ummm well im not quite sure

Marcus: what do you mean?

Shane: well when joey left I felt a wierd feeling and I just needed to see him.

Marcus: you sound like you love him.

Shane: I dont..... looking back I guess your right I do love him.

Marcus: well im not suposed to tell you but joey told me yesterday that he loves you.

Shane: REALY?

Marcus: shhhh

A shuffle sounded behind me and a shirtless joey walked up to the door.

Joey: morning marcy whos at the....

Joey froze as he saw shane stood at the door.

Joey: sh...shane what are you doing here?

Shane: um I.... I need to tell you something

Joey: so you came all this way to tell me somthing?

Shane: im yeah

Joey: thats sweet

Shane: marcus can I talk to joey alone please

Marcus: corse I betta go anyway thanks joey

Joey: bye butbut

Shane: bye

I went down to the lobby and out the doors when some guy barged passed me causing me to fall and hit my head all I could feel was a sharp pain in my head.

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