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This fiction MAY OR MAY NOT only contains LANGUAGE but also SEXUAL ACTIVITY, SLAPPING, A PUNCH OR TWO, KIDNAPPING, INFIDELITY – KIND OF – and MURDER. If you are NOT COMFORTABLE with such acts...PLEASE EXIT THIS FICTION. I do NOT want to offend anyone and it's not my intention, so do YOURSELF A FAVOR and just MOVE ON from this Fiction.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER, those who are enjoying this fiction and who will enjoy it, THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION. It's NOT REAL and I do NOT RELATE to EVERY ACT going on in this Book of Fiction. I LITERALLY Write as I go – I don't think about how it will go, and or end, before I start writing, only as I write.

If you have ANY questions or you find ANY ERRORS, PLEASE don't hesitate to PM (Private Message) me and I will work on fixing it ASAP. Thank You all and I hope you all are doing VERY WELL and Staying SAFE through this life changing Pandemic.

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