Chapter Thirty-Four

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As Alexandrina went towards the door, I stopped coming along. She turned to me, and so did Emmanuel. "Is there something wrong?" asked Alexandrina with a hint of concern. My heart was raising faster every passing seconds, and I felt my hands becoming more sweaty. This is my only hope, and my only chance. I can't stay longer in this town before they even find me. "N-nothing." I said, trying to keep my trembling voice at ease but only to fail.

Alexandrina shrugged her shoulders and went to the door, her right hand wrapping around the doorknob. I felt like the world around me became slow, and it did not help. It only made me want to fall apart more from the diminishing hope I had.

"(y/n)?" I heard Alexandrina's voice as I fluttered my eyes open. "Y-yes?" I asked, "Please come in." she said with a smile as I scurry inside. And just before I knew it, my eyes met another. He sat there on the chair, his other hand with a cup of steaming hot coffee. My knees wanted to breakdown to the floor. To cry in relief as I ran towards him.

"Zach! You're alive! Alive!" I said, hugging him "(Y/n)..) He whispered softly. We broke apart from each other's embrace as I sat down on the chair beside him. I wiped away the tears from my cheeks as my eyes started to linger around the room. A frown began to appear on my face as I looked back at Zach, "Simon's upstairs..." he said before I could even say a word.

I let my frown settle on my face as I stood up from my chair. "Simon has been rather...distant since the day the three of us.." Zach looked at Emmanuel and Alexandrina as he turned back to me "Got separated." he finished. "I'll go up there." I stated and just before I could, Alexandrina went in front of me.

"I believe sir Wilson isn't up for a chat, madame (y/n)." she said, taking me aback from her. "Bold of you to say that he's a sir. I'm (Y/n) Wilson, Simon's wife." I stated confidently. Though, I wish it was a true statement. Alexandrina's eyes widens, but it was only a brief moment until she smiles at me. "I'll lead the way." she said as I follow.

We went up the stairs and past two doors. Simon's room was at the very end, and as I stopped in front of his room, I looked at Alexandrina as she nods her head and left.

I turned back to the door, knocking softly three times as my heart began to beat in a fast phase. "I'll come downstairs in a moment, Alexandrina." he said with a following sigh. "Quite a bit rude to not see me, right Simon?" I replied back.

I suddenly heard running footsteps from inside as I heard his door make a 'click' sound. Simon swung it open and saw him with wide puffy eyes from all the crying he must have been doing. "(Y/n), is that really you? Is this a dream? Or am I going insane?" he asked, both of his hands on my shoulder blades. "Surprise! I'm back from the dead whaddaya know, right?" I cracked up a joke, hoping that it would lighten up the mood as he smiled back.

Simon pulled me into a hug as his breath tickles my ears. The sensation of his warm body against mine felt nice. I didn't want him to let go. I felt protected from his embrace, like not even an evil obsessive mad man could take me away from Simon's grasps. "Why did you leave me like that, (y/n)?" Simon asked in a whisper, "I could've protected you, (y/n). Do you not believe me? I would take all the immense pain and torture if that's what they want, as long as I can still see you alive and well." he said, his eyes locked on mine.

His right hand tucking a strand of hair behind my ear as he softly caressed my cheek. He leaned forward, as I slowly did too. His lips are softer than anything I could imagine, soft like the first snowfall. we breath and not breathe, the once nervousness I felt melted away as I fell deeper into the kiss. From what felt like a minute, we broke from each other's lips, breathing in air as we looked into each other's eyes.

"I love you, (y/n)." Simon said, "I love you too, Simon." I smiled.

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