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Gibbs, Jenny, and the team rushed back to Ncis. Jenny was sitting at Gibbs' desk waiting for them to come back. She was waiting for Abby go came up. She had her back to the direction Abby would come on purpose. To get Abby's happiness that Jenny was alive out of the way and he needed her technical help Gibbs called Abby up to the bullpen.

Abby got off the elevator with everything she needed. Gibbs and Fornell were in the directors office with Vance and Tony, McGee, and Ziva were getting bullet proof vents and anything else they needed.

Abby walked into the bullpen to see a redheaded woman sitting at Gibbs' desk. No one is aloud to sit at Gibbs' desk. She went arond to confront her. When she saw it was Jenny she froze for a second. Just staring.

Jenny smiled at Abby. Still goth as ever and a happy one too.

"J-Jenny?" Abby studdered.

"Yes, Abby, its me." Jenny answered.

"Jenny!" Abby cried. She pulled Jenny out of the chair and gave her the best hug she could give.

Jenny enjoyed it at first but it got a little hard to breathe. "Abbs, I can't breathe."

Abby let go. "I'm so so sorry about Amanda and L.J." Abby hugged her again but lightly this time.

"I know you are. Thank you. Now, we need you to bug me, put a tracker and a hidden camera on me somewhere where they wouldn't find it or detect it."

"We'll have to do that in my lab. I dont have the necessary equipment in this case. Where's Gibbs and everyone else?"

"Jethro and Fornell are with Vance and the team is getting everything else we need to complete this."

"Okay. Lets go to my lab then." Abby took Jenny's hand and pulled her to the elevator. And from the elevator to her lab.

Abby ran to get the necessary supplies. Jenny sat down at Abby's desk in the second part of the lab. Knowing that no one could really see her but Abby she relaxed. Once she relaxed all her worry and fear that she might not get her kids back flowed into her.

Abby came back in. She saw Jenny. She couldn't imagine how she felt. Abby put the supply down. She walked over and gave Jenny a warm caring, loving hug.

"It'll be okay, Jenny. We all know Gibbs will not rest until we get them back in your hands."

"It's not just that, Abby." As Jenny spoke Abby began to put a tracker on her. "I know we will get them back. And it's my fault all this happened. I messed up many years ago. Now my family is paining for it. Those people took one of the things they knew they could use to get me to do what they want. I will do anything to protect my kids. Even if that means going with them and never seeing anyone i care about again. Family always comes first." Jenny took a deep breath and let it out. "Jethro has great plans that usually work. So, no worries." She added.

Gibbs walks into the lab. "How's it going?" He asks.

When Jenny heard Gibbs coming in she put on her big girl face. She didn't want him to see her like that.

"She's almost ready, Gibbs." Answered Abby.

Abby had to put Jenny's hair up. She put the tracker in there and she put a brooch on the side of Jenny's head with the camera and bug in it.

Gibbs watched silently stating at Jenny. He missed her so much. Now she was back and they're kids were kidnapped. He knew she blamed herself for that.

Jenny was staring at the floor. She was drifting off into her own world. She could only imagine how scared her kids must be. She spend so much time trying to prevent this from happening but it didn't work.

"I'm done." Said Abby.

Jenny lost her train of thought. She stood up. "Thanks, Abbs." Jenny walked over to the elevator.

'Jen, stop being hard on yourself.' Gibbs thought following her.

The elevator dinged when it came to their floor. They stepped it. Jenny hit the button for the squad room.

A few seconds later Gibbs turned off the power in the elevator.

Jenny looked at him.

"I don't want to hear it, Jethro." Jenny stated.

"Hear what?" He asked.

"You saying its not my fault that ours kids have been kidnapped and that i shouldn't be hard on myself. The list goes on. I dont care what it takes to get them back. Even if it means trading me fot them."

"Jen, its not going to come to that. I promise you that."

"I just can't lose them, Jethro. They are my life, my world. I know i am strong but i don't think i could handle losing them."

Gibbs opened his arms. "Come here."

Jenny stepped closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her and Jenny wrapped her arms around him. "It'll be okay." He kissed her on the forehead.

A tear fell from Jenny's eye when he kissed her forehead. When Gibbs saw the tear he wipped it away. Jenny needed his support now more than ever. He was worrying about her. He knew she was strong. He was too but when losing a child that can change you. He was scared that sje was right and she wouldn't be able to handle it.

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