Adam's Locked in Eden

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Lockdown must be hard if you are in a flat with no outside space but sitting in my garden it feels like there are worse places to be. Most people in UK accept the lockdown, even if they are getting bored with it and, if anything , are critical of the government for not introducing it earlier. But it's not the same everywhere I gather....

Poor Adam's locked in Eden
It really isn't fair.
A whole world to explore out there
It's all too much to bear.

Eve just wants to go shopping
The snake says it's ok.
'Surely it's not so bad honey?'
What's a guy to say?

Sure God know's what's best for us
To be safe and sound at home
But he didn't make us wise enough
To know we shouldn't roam.

We can't cope with peace and quiet
The birdsong gets us down
We don't care what you say's out there
Folk just want to hit town.

We don't care about the virus
Or who might get it off us.
We don't care about the other folk
We just care about us.

God made paradise perfect
But then gave us free will.
Creation breathes a sigh of relief
That we're in lockdown still.

You have to let us out God
We've got so much to do
The world will be a total mess
Creation's poking through.

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