chapter 5~ the park and a husky

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After about 20 minutes I arrived at a park it was really big and open.

I found a nearby bench and sat down letting my tired leg rest.

I was taking in the senry calming my body when a little pusky came jumping up and started to lick my face.

??????: oh my goodness gracionias

Im so sorry.

I knew that voise. I could reconise it anywere. And since he was in the uk for a while I knew it was joey graceffa.

Marcus: its fine joey

Joey: wait who...... oh hey marcus whats up? Why are you crying?

Marcus: alot of things

Joey took a place on the bench next to me.

Joey: spill

Marcus: well iv liked this guy for a while and I was gona tell him but then he got a girlfriend and I don't even think he's gay and its been a while and I just can't handel it and I don't wanna loose him as a friend but I'm going to if I can't get a grip

Joey: wow wait its not shane is it?

Marcus: ha no joe its not shane.

Joey: good hes mine.

Marcus: you like shane?

Joey: yeh......but hes not gay and has a lisa thing so ill take what I can get and be his best friend.

Marcus: a lisa thing realy?

Joey: oh please im in love with her boyfriend of course I dont like her.

Marcus: true

Joey: anyway whos the lucky guy?

Ring ring

Joey: helo


Is marcus with me?

He looked at me and asked if he should say.

I instantly shook my head and mouthed no way.

Joey: no hes not why?


Joey: gone?


Joey: sound like you like like him.


Joey: what about zoe?


Joey: look im just gona hang up now you need to just choose man dont hurt the 2 most important people in your life just be hones they will under stand.

Hang up

Joey: well he is one complicated boy.

Marcus: was that alfie?

Joey: yeh and frankly he was being a dick

Marcus: thats mean

Joey: come on were of to my hotel room.

Marcus: okay........

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