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Fred and I, pushing trolleys, shepherd our three children toward the great sooty station.

We married a few months after the Battle of Hogwarts. He and George still own and run Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes and have franchised internationally. I became a healer and work at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies.

Together, we had two sons and a daughter. Our youngest son, Sirius James, is starting his first year at Hogwarts. He was named after my two father figures, we call him S.J. for short. He walks beside me, completely terrified.

Our eldest son and daughter, walk beside us, messing around. Molly Dora and Cedric Remus start their third year at Hogwarts. They were named after Fred's parents, and the parents I grew to love as my own, along with the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher we ever had and his beautiful and humorous wife. Fred tried to calm the two down, but he's finding it to be very difficult.

Commuters stare curiously as we weave our way to a barrier between platforms nine and ten.

Molly and Cedric, mischief in their eyes, look back at their brother just before they both run through the barrier and vanish.

S.J. grips the handle of his trolley nervously, finding it hard to follow. I step behind him, smiling tenderly, seeing my son's nervousness.

"Together?" S.J nods and, side by side, we run the trolley at the barrier and emerge onto a new platform where a scarlet steam engine pours white smoke into the air. Seconds later, Fred appears with the last trolley. S.J. peers about anxiously.

There is a riot of activity, as wizarding parents see off their children and trunks are loaded. There are lots of first years like S.J., looking equally nervous and being given a final send-off.

Up ahead, we see my brother along with Ginny, and Hermione along with Ron and all their children.

Hermione and Ron have two children. Rose is eleven, like S.J., and Hugo is four.

Harry and Ginny have three children as well. James is twelve, Albus is eleven, and Lily is seven.

Ron sees me as Hermione gives her daughter one last goodbye. I look and see Harry talking with his wife and Albus. His son looks nervous for his first year at Hogwarts too. My brother looks my way and smiles.

Fred comes up to S.J and I with Molly and Cedric.

"Say goodbye to your mother before you get on the train." He tells the twins. Then run up to me and each give me a hug and a kiss.

I smile at them. "Don't forget to give Professor
Longbottom our best."

They nod and run off. Fred quickly follows after. "Hey! I don't want to hear anything about any funny business this year, do you two hear me?"

I chuckle at his antics, thinking back fondly at our days at Hogwarts. And all the funny business we got up to.

My youngest and I begin walking towards Harry and the others. Before I know it, he drops, pretending to tie his shoe. I stop in my tracks and look at him concerned.

I kneel down and actually tie his shoe. It was coming loose and I didn't want him to trip and fall. Motherhood has changed me for the better.

"Will there really be thestrals pulling the carriages?" He asks me while I eye him warmly.

"There's nothing scary about thestrals. They're gentle things." I smile. "Anyway, you won't be going up to school in the carriages. You'll be going in the boats, remember?"

S.J. nods, then looks down. "Mum?"


"What if I'm put in Slytherin?" I study my son long and hard. Then, I lean in close.

"Sirius James Weasley. I knew plenty of Slytherins who turned out alright. And so do you."

"Really? Who?" He questions curiously.

"Draco Malfoy."

"But wasn't Uncle Draco cruel to you when you were younger?"

"Well, yes." I laugh. "But people can change."

"He doesn't count." He waves his hand. "Who else?"

"You remember me telling you about Professor Snape?" I let out a small laugh.

"He was a slytherin?" S.J. looks at me in disbelief. I nod my head.

"And he was probably the bravest man I ever knew."

S.J. nods, thinks for a moment, then frowns.

"But just say I am..." I cut him off by placing my hand on his shoulder.

"Then Slytherin House will have gained a wonderful wizard." Then I stand back up and extend my hand. My son takes it and gets back up too. "But listen, if it means so much to you, you can choose Gryffindor. The Sorting Hat takes your choice into account."


"Really." The train whistle blows and S.J.'s eyes go wide. "Ready?"

"Ready." He nods and leans into me, giving me a big hug. I lower my head and kiss his forehead.

S.J. then settles into his seat opposite Rose and Albus, and looks around him. A chocolate frog jumps up the window, a Weasley Firework caroms down the train corridor beyond. This is going to be quite a journey.

He smiles and looks out to me. Fred comes up behind me.

"I got Molly and Cedric on the train." He tells me, then glances about. "Where's S.J.?"

I point to a window on the train and he looks in that direction. S.J. raises a hand to wave goodbye. Then the train jolts to a start.

Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione walk up beside us. We look to them, smiles all around, then gaze back at the moving train. As the Hogwarts Express rolls forward, all six of us watch with affection.

The End

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