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Harry and I emerge, dripping, from the Pensieve and stare at our reflection in the window opposite, watching as the liquid runs like tears from our faces, then evaporates.

Gently, I touch the center of my chest. I look to my brother.

"Harry..." my voice is soft, almost a whisper.

"He... loved.... her..." Harry meets my gaze.

"He did." I look down at the diamond ring Fred had given me earlier. "And now, in order for us to save the ones we love..."

"We have to die." His words linger in the air as he walks over to me and wraps his arms around me. We stand in silence as I softly sob into his chest.

I couldn't care less about me, but knowing my brother has to die, so that all of this pain and suffering can end, doesn't feel good. But it has to be done.

I know Harry would agree with me in saying we'd rather lay our lives down, then have anyone die on our account. We're through with being protected. This time it's our turn.

We release each other and he extends his hand for me to take. "Together?"

"Always." I nod. My hand shakes as it reaches out for his.

I'm afraid, but not of dying. I'm afraid the people Ive grown to love wont be able to defeat Voldemort after we're gone. He'll be weaker once Harry and I are gone, but there's still one Horcrux left. One piece of his soul that keeps him alive. The snake.

Latching on your my brothers hand, intertwining our fingers, I stop shaking. He was always good at calming down, keeping my emotions at bay. I'm very grateful to be his sister. I couldn't imagine living in this world without him. And now, I won't have to.

The castle is eerily quiet as Harry and I walk down the stairs, the portraits we pass are empty. As we reach the end of the corridor, we turn and stop.

In the shadows of an alcove, Hermione murmurs to Ron, their faces close. For a long moment, Harry and I simply watch them. Then, as if sensing our presence, Hermione turns. Instantly, she runs to us. Ron follows.

"Where've you been?" She questions.

"We thought you'd both gone to the forest, we thought you might be-" Ron is cut off by Harry.

"We're going there now."

"Are you mad! No!" Ron shouts.

"It's... meant to be." Harry looks to me.

"Rubbish! You can't just give yourselves up to him-" Hermione squeezes Ron's arm, silencing him.

"What is it? Harry, Mia. What is it you know?" She asks softly. Ron studies her face, then looks back to Harry and I.

"There's a reason we can... hear them, the Horcruxes." I begin to explain. Hermione begins to shake her head, not wanting to believe. Harry and I simply nod, touching the center of our chests. "I think we've known for awhile." I study Hermione. "I think you've known too."

Hermione stands still, miserable. "I'll go with you. I'll..."

She falters hopelessly as a single tear traces her cheek. Harry reaches out, wipes it away. "Kill the snake. Kill the snake and then it's just him. Then it will be over."

"Thank you both." I say to them, engulfing both of my friends in a hug. "For everything."

Harry takes my hand again. We turn then, leaving them. Ron and Hermione stand silently, watching every step we take until we reach the end, out of their sights.

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