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As I stand, about an hour before Draco and I talked in this dark corner outside of the Great Hall, I glance around.

Voldemort's forces had penetrated the castles boundaries. Death Eaters came streaming in great numbers, while members of the order and Year 7 students started running towards them.

Curses, hexes, and jinxes flew in every direction, lighting up the castle in green and red. As I step out, I encounter multiple duelling witches and wizards.

Seamus and Dean take on two Death Eaters, each holding their own. Pavarti Patil and Cho fight off a pair of Snatchers, blocking curses and sending some right back.

Then I spot a familiar copper head of hair.

"Fred!" I shout. He turns around and his eyes land on me.

"Mia!" He smiles. As he says this, I notice the three Death Eaters around us shift their gaze towards me.

"It's one of the Potters!"

"Take her to the Dark Lord!"

"Grab her before she can get away!"

I raise my wand. "Bombarda Maxima!" A wall near two of them comes crashing down, crushing them underneath the large pieces of stone. I begin running towards Fred, dodging attacks from ricocheting spells and from the remaining Death Eater.

"Reducto!" Fred blasts the other and he's sent flying back until he's no longer in sight. As we meet in the middle of the castle that has turned into a battlefield, I wrap my arms around him, letting out a few cry's of joy.

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be with Harry?" He asks.

"Never mind that." I say, I see one of the Carrow twins coming up behind him so I raise my wand. He does the same, while I'm unaware the other is behind me.

We each wave our wands, bursts of red light beams from the end of our wands, sending both twins far back.

"Nice one." We both say, giving each other a high five. I then grab his hand and begin running away from the crossfire.

We end up in the courtyard, where many more continue to fight. I glance around, wanting to find a safe place for us to hide until after Voldemort gives his second speech.

Acromantulas begin swarming around us, allies all around begin firing stunning charms. I point my wand at one that knocks over Zachariah Smith.

"Arania Exumei!" The spider flies back, legs curled as it lies motionless on its back. I help Zachariah up and he looks at me with wide eyes.

"Thanks, Potter." He says with surprise and amazement.

"Sure thing." I say, continuing to drag Fred around. I see another swarm heading towards the entrance of the castle.

Professor McGonagall stands, wand in hand, sending a spider back one by one, but there's too many of them. Without thinking I point my wand in her direction.

A large blast protrudes out, sending most of them out of her way. She looks over in my direction, admiring the work I've done. Smiling proudly at me. I quickly return the smile and continue to drag Fred along.

As we reach the long bridge that connects the courtyard to the Forbidden Forest, over the Black Lake below, everything becomes cold.

Our breath is visible, the stone frosts over, all signs of happiness feminism around us. I turn and see, much to my dismay, a plethora of Dementors.

"Bloody hell." Fred says, eyes wide, wand pointing in front of him. He casts his Patronus, only sending the few in the front away. I close my eyes and take a deep breathe.

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