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"Ron, you once asked me if I thought he felt it, Voldemort, when we destroy a Horcrux, when we destroy a piece of his soul." Harry speaks up. Ron and Hermione wait for one of us to continue.

"He does." I look up to them, meeting their eyes. "It's the snake. She's the last one. The last Horcrux."

"Where will he take her?" Ron asks.

"Someplace safe." Hermione chimes in. Harry and I shake our head.

"No. He'll keep her close." As Harry wipes his brow, grazing his scar, trying to dispel the pain he feels, Ron studies both of us intently.

"Look inside him. Harry. Mia." Hermione turns, looks at Ron. Then Harry and I do as well. "Find out where he is. If we find him, we find the snake. Then we're one step closer to ending this."

Hermione studies Harry, Ron, and I as we stare silently at one another. Finally, Harry and I close our eyes.

For a moment, all I see is nothing. Then, my eyelids dance with movement, my scar spasms. I wince, feeling Harry doing the same thing next to me. Then we find ourselves soaring over dark fields, past unspeakable devastation.

The Quidditch Pitch rolls into our view, ablaze. A cloaked figure sweeps eerily forward, Nagini slithering at his feet. A long, blonde haired figure looks up.

The walls shimmer oddly, reflecting the water's surface. Here, the assault on Hogwarts is muted, distant.

A haggard Lucius Malfoy nervously eyes Nagini while Voldemort paces with a strange energy, glancing at the wand in his fingers, the Elder Wand, then to the lake itself, where a reflected Hogwarts burns in a beautiful blur. Suddenly, his eyes shift to Lucius.

"Stop looking at her. She smells your fear. It agitates her. Be grateful she's just eaten."

Lucius glances nervously to the weathered floor, to the blood smeared there. He closes his eyes to blot out the image when an explosion detonates in the distance. He jumps.

"Forgive me, my Lord, but wouldn't it be more prudent to call off this battle and seek the twins yourself?" Malfoy cowers to his own question, waiting the answer of his merciless master.

"I do not need to seek the twins!" Voldemort shouts. "Before the night is out, they will come to me! Do you understand!"

"Of c-course, my Lord." Lucius trembles, staring into his scarlet eyes. Voldemort steps forward, voice more measured.

"How do you live with yourself, Lucius?" He eyes his servant with disgust. "Go. Find Severus. Tell him I need to see him immediately."

Lucius rises quickly, then exits. Voldemort fixes his eyes on the wand once again. The snake hisses.

Harry and I twitch. Our eyes flutter open. The sounds of battle no longer distant. Hermione and Ron wait expectantly. My brother and I nod.

"We know where he is." Harry says. Ron and Hermione help us to our feet.

The battle rages on. Hogwarts in flames. We descend into the courtyard, where students and staff trade spells with Death Eaters. Among them Padma Patil; Neville and Seamus; Sprout, and Kingsley.

From an upper balcony, Professor Trelawny raises her wand, draws a bead on a Death Eater and with a forceful flick, sends him flying through the air. Seamus regards her with amazement.

"There's more to me than incense and tea leaves, Mr. Finnegan."

Dean trades spells with a Death Eater, while Luna stuns a quartet of Death Eaters, one-two-three, and watches the fourth fall before she can fire. She turns, sees Neville standing behind her, wand smoking.

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