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Controlled chaos ensues as scores of students and staff sweep over the castle quickly, with urgency.

Harry and I move, followed by Ron and Hermione.

"Mia, Harry, Hermione and I have been thinking. It doesn't really matter if we find the Horcrux." Ron tells us.

We stop. "What're you saying?" Harry asks.

"Unless we can destroy it." Hermione adds.

"So we were thinking-" Ron begins.

"You were thinking. It's Ron's idea. And it's brilliant." Hermione smiles at him.

"You destroyed Tom Riddle's Diary with a Basilisk fang, right? Well, we know where we might find one, don't we?" Ron questions.

Harry and I glance at each other, then look at the two of them, pondering this. Then we nod.

"Okay. But take this. That way you can find us when you get back." Harry hands Hermione the Marauders Map.

"Where are you going?" She asks.

"Ravenclaw Common Room." I say. "Got to start somewhere."

Hermione nods, slips the Map in her beaded bag and she and Ron head off. Just before they turn the corner, Ron looks back, holds Harry and I's glance briefly, and then is gone. As we continue on, Luna steps up, watching us vanish in the crowd.

Harry and I dash across the bridge.

"Mia! Harry! Wait! I need to talk to you!"

We glance back, slowing, but we don't break stride. "We're a bit preoccupied right now, Luna." I tell her.

"But you won't find anything where you're going. You're wasting your time."

Harry frowns, mildly annoyed, doesn't glance back. "We'll talk later, Luna."

"Mia! Harry!"

"Later." He mutters.

Luna stops, watching us recede. Then suddenly shouts, "Harry and Amelia Potter! You listen to me right now!" Harry and I stop, stunned. We turn as Luna collects herself. "Don't you remember what Cho said about Rowena Ravenclaw's diadem? 'There's not a person alive who's seen it.'"

My eyes widen. Harry stares dumbly back, shrugs, "So?"

"It's obvious, isn't it?" I roll my eyes at him. "We have to talk to someone who's dead."

Harry stares at me oddly when suddenly he becomes aware of the disturbance in the air around us. We look up, towards the shield above, then at the tiny figure of Flitwick, wand aloft, standing with McGonagall and Sprout.

"He's very impressive, isn't he?" Luna states. Harry starts to respond when he winces, clutching his scar. I do the same. We see Voldemort, regarding the castle pityingly as the Hogwarts faithful take their positions.

"They never learn. Such a pity." Voldemort smiles, as if amused. His eyes gleam fiercely. "Begin."

Bellatrix raises her arm in signal and the sea of Death Eaters settle, poised and waiting. The air goes still.

"But, my Lord, shouldn't we wait..." One if them asks reluctantly. Voldemort's eyes shift, killing the remainder of Thicknesse's sentence before it can escape his throat. Bellatrix's eyes narrow in contempt. Chilled, Thicknesse looks away. Then, as if burying a knife deep in the heart of an enemy, Bellatrix drops her arm.

Explosions sound. Harry and I blink, looking upwards as the sky blazes with light and smoking tendrils plummet towards the castle. The bridge rolls under our feet but the shield holds... for now.

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