You and Justin Bieber are neighbors

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Your name is Crystal and your 15 years old and your birthday was 2 months from now. Your neighbor is Justin Bieber(not popular), you act like you hate him but the truth is you really like him so much.>Start of Story< It was around one in the morning and you were all alone at home. You woke up and decided to drink some milk 'til someone knocked at your door. >TuckTuck< U- who is it? (---)- It's me Justin. U- dude its one in the morning what are you doing here? you asked as you opened the door and see him there with your trashbag. Justin- you left this behind you know you left it on my front porch, you know what my mom would do to me if she knew I didn't clean the garbage. U- Well why couldn't you throw it yourself then? Justin- because it's not mines it's yours. U-Whatever liar. Justin- This was yours in the first place so i want you to throw it yourself. U- do you have manners? Justin- What are you doing? U-Come one Justin just throw it yourself your out already and its dark, why'd you have to come at this hour. Justin- because... U- because of what? Justin- fine I'll throw this myself then. he went near your garbage can and threw the trash U- you know you could have asked nicely? Justin- Whatever neighbor. he then leaves towards his house. You really wanted to invite him for something to drink, it was really cold. U- Hey Justin! Justin-Yeah.U-Want some coco?Justin-Is there poison in it?U-No! But if you want I can put some. Justin-Then I'll pass. U-Come on its just my grandmother's favorite recipe.Justin-Fine since you begged. he went towards my house and went inside as he sat down at the couch and I prepared the coco. I brought 2 coco's and sat at the other couch. Justin-Yum, this is delicious. Did you put poison in this? U-No you weirdo. Justin-Good, cuz it really does taste good. U-Thanks. We talk for at least 20 minutes none stop. Justin- I better go its getting dark and its going to be morning soon. U-Yeah, but can I ask a favor? What favor will she ask from him? Dying to know will be there in about a few minutes for Part 2.

Part 2:

U-Yeah, but can I ask a favor? >Start of Part 2< Justin-Yeah what is it? U-um can you stay for a little while ‘til I get to sleep at least. Justin-What am I? Your mom? U-Fine I’ll just stay up and watch some movies. Justin-Fine since your sad and alone. U-really? Justin-Yeah it’s fine, I’m alone at home too so no big deal. But if you sleep at me ‘til morning you owe me breakfast. U-deal. Justin-Good. He sat back down on the couch and I sat beside him at his side as I lay my head to his shoulders. Then everything turned black. Next morning, I woke up and everything was so bright. And then I found myself still at Justin’s chest feeling his heartbeat through my ears. U-guess I owe you breakfast big guy. I woke up and went to the kitchen and started preparing breakfast. Justin-Ugh. You owe me breakfast Crystal. U-I know that you big dummy I’m not that dumb you know. Justin-I know that’s what I like about you, your not stupid. U-Thanks. Justin-So whatya having for breakfast. U-Really wanna know what I have for breakfast? Justin-Yeah. U-I don’t think so, it’s a secret. Justin-fine keep it to yourself then. U-I will, duh!. He sits down on the table and looks at you just keeps staring at your eyes. You look away and look back at what your cooking. Your cooking sunny side up eggs and some bacon for an early breakfast. You’ve made some toasts and put it on the table. U-So, why you keep looking at me like that? Justin-Nothing just wanna see if you really know how to cook? U-I do you weirdo, why don’t I see you cook? Justin-I wouldn’t think that is possible because its you who owes me breakfast. U-Oh right I remember, but for that you do that to me one more time your cooking. Justin-Fine. He looks down but your using the right corner of your eye to spy on him. U-Here it’s cook you eat. Justin-aren’t you eating? U-No I want to watch you eat too. Justin-Fine happy here. He picks up 2 slices of toast and scribbles it under his mouth. U-That’s gonna hurt. Justin-Ow! U-Don’t you know there hot? Justin-You didn’t warn me you know that. U-Well lets just say toasts aren’t good cold. Justin-I knew that. U-So were you really here the whole time? Justin-Yeah and you pretty much snored up the whole time. U-No I did not I never snore. Justin-but you do. U-My friends come here too. Justin-Maybe they weren’t beside you. U-Whatever and for that you owe me? Justin-What do I owe you? I told you the truth. U-you have to cook for me then. Justin-No way. U-You did it in the first place why’d you have to lie. Justin-I have to tell you something by the way. U-What is it then? Spit it out. Justin-I… U-What is it Justin? Justin-I… >End< what will happen on Part 3? What will Justin say to Crystal? Part 3 will be coming in minutes.

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