The Number Two Hero

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You woke up to the sun shining on your face and you wanted to fall back asleep but an intense headache was stopping that. The pain was a feeling you knew all too well and it was undoubtedly your worst hangover. You moved your hand to cover your eyes in an attempt to block out the light and calm the pain. That didn't really work though. After a few minutes you finally decided to wake up and find some medicine. You took your hand off your face and blinked to rid your eyes of the blurriness only to realize you weren't in your room.

"Where the fuck am I?"You groaned slowly sitting up and to your surprise you felt something move in the bed

Instinctively your body froze at the sudden movement. Your mind flooded with thoughts of what may possibly be in the bed with you but you tried to push the thoughts away. After a few seconds you slowly looked to your side then down at yourself. That's when you processed three things. One you were naked, two you were sore, and three there is a naked man next to you.

"What did I do last night?"You mumbled trying to recall anything as you ran your hands over your face "Obviously I got drunk but how the hell did I end up here? I mean he isn't bad looking or anything but I have no idea who he is"You spoke to yourself

The more you looked around and tried to remember the more you realized the situation you were in. You had sex with a stranger and he could wake up at any given moment.

"Okay everything's fine no need to overthink. I just have to sneak out of here and hopefully I'll never see him again. I doubt I'll see him there's no reason to"You slowly got out the bed to put on the clothes scattered on the floor "Damn I wish I could remember last night. It's must've been good if I'm aching like this"

Once you gathered all your things and tidied up your appearance you left the hotel room and caught a cab. You felt extremely dirty leaving without showering first but there wasn't much of a choice. You didn't have a change of clothes and you also didn't want him to wake up while you were still there. As you rode in silenced you looked at the clock and realized you had work in an hour. You then checked your phone and saw multiple miss calls from your friends. You mentally reminded yourself to call them once you got home.

When you made it home you immediately put your phone on the charger and took some medicine to make the headache die down. You then took a well deserved shower and soon started getting ready for work. While you did that you clicked one of the missed calls to call your friend back and let them know you're okay.

"Y/n are you okay? What happened last night? Where did you go? Mina and I searched everywhere for you"

"Kyoka calm down I'm fine. I won't lie and act like I know what happened last night because I don't. I just know I drank too much and woke up naked next to a random man"

"YOU DID WHAT?"Mina screamed into the phone making you wince in pain

"Hey Mina, Do you mind keeping it down I'm still recovering from this hangover?"

"Sorry, you did what?"She repeated

"I woke up with a major headache naked and with my back and legs sore. Also the man was naked. I'll let you guys think of what happened"

"Ewww"Kyoka mumbled not interested in hearing about your sex life

"Do you know who he was or how you met him?"

"No, all I can say is I wouldn't mind messing with him again. He had to do something right to make me sore"You laughed

"Y/n please stop it"Kyoka spoke

"I'm just joking. Anyways I'm getting ready for work. Meet me there?"



It had been two weeks since your one night stand with mystery guy. Thankfully you didn't know him and you haven't seen him since so your life has been the same as it was before that night. It seemed like that night had never even happened, and it was best to keep it that way.

Tonight Mina and Kyoka were over to hang out. You all decided that it'll be best to stay in after what happened the last time you went out for a girls' night. A movie night was what you agreed on.

"Y/n come see I'm on TV"Mina spoke happily

"Of course you're on TV. You are a hero after all. There's at least one thing you'll do to make it on there"You responded walking into the living room

"The popcorn is done and all the snacks are ready. Now it's time for the movie"Kyoka said as she walked in with a lot of snacks in hand

You helped grab a few things from her to make sure she didn't drop anything. As you placed them on the coffee table you glanced back at the TV and felt your stomach drop. There he was, the man from your one night stand was on the TV. You froze as you read he was the number two hero.

"Y/n?"Mina called

"You okay?"Kyoka asked concerned

"That's him"You mumbled


"The man from the one night stand"

"It was Bakugo as in Katsuki Bakugo?"Kyoka said shocked

"I don't know his name but I remember his face and that's him"

"How do you not know what the number 2 hero looks like?"Mina questioned

"You know I don't pay attention to heroes or half the things you guys do"

"True, Your life didn't revolve around heroes and neither did you grow up here so you wouldn't know exactly how well known he is here. It is rather surprising that you've been here 4 years and don't know who he is though"Kyoka said

"Wow I never knew he had it in him to mess with someone. Especially a person he doesn't know"Mina stated opening a snack to begin eating

"Why? Is something wrong with him?"You asked still staring at him every time he appeared on the screen

"He just was never the type to be interested in other people. He mainly focused on making himself stronger"Mina told you

"Anyways on to the movie. It's not like you have to see or talk to him again"Kyoka changed the topic sitting on the sofa

"You're right"You spoke following in suit

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