Make up sex- Louis Tomlinson dirty imagine.

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I woke up and Zayn was covering himself with the sheets and I look up to see Louis standing in front of us both, as I remember to the night before. Me and Zayn had finally gotten together, but I technically cheated on Louis…

Louis keeps pacing and staring at me but quickly looks away when I look at him. I decide to get up and do something but before I could Zayn was up putting boxers on. As soon as Zayn had them up and around his waist Louis was behind him. When Zayn turned around Louis fist was on Zayns face. Blood ran out of Zayns nose and a little cut on his bottom lip. Louis was crying with his fist still bunched up and still raised in the air. “That’s my girlfriend…” I heard him whisper and walk out of the room. I quickly get up rushing a cover up ,for down at the beach, on and I run out of the room following. “LOUIS WAIT!!” I yell as i trip over a shoe left at the door. “ow” I mumble and Louis turns around and rushed to my side.

I let him help me up and he helped me back to the room and sat me on the edge of the bed. He gets on his knees and puts his head in his hands still crying. I bend over and rub his back. “Louis, I- I’m so sorry. I… I’m so sorry..” I start to cry and I hear Zayn walk back to the room with a rag on his face. Louis tilts his head up and stares at me, nothing but stare at me. No words, but tons of emotions. “How.. How can you? I actually thought… I believed you.. ” “You believed me?” I asked and he stood up and sat on the bed next to me. “Yes.. But.. Zayn? Why? Hes my best mate.. Why?” he asks. “You believed me… This whole time?”. I turned myself towards him. “Yes!” He said sounding annoyed. “Then why THE FUCK did I have to go through all this hate and abuse for the last few months?” I felt my cheeks turn red with anger. “You believed that I didn’t cheat and you went along with it this whole time? You made me look like a horrible person. I got sand kicked all over me!”

He looks at me and his face starts to turn red. “Look (YN).. I came here to make up with you. And I found you with Zayn! I came back to throw the past away and start fresh with you. But what do I get? I get my best mate with the love of my life in the bed and you had my handcuffs.. I bet you had a good night!” He started raising his voice at me. I still can’t shake the fact that he knew and let me go through all of this hell just to stay with him. I should of left him when he first accused me. “Maybe I WOULDN’T HAVE SLEPT WITH HIM IF YOU HAD TOLD THE TRUTH! NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED! IF YOU DIDN’T ACCUSE ME OF CHEATING IN THE FIRST PLACE WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS SITUATION!!” I yelled and Zayn walked up to me and sat me back down so I wouldn’t loose my control. “Whoa! You’re accusing me of lying? You’re the one who cheated on me!” “I CHEATED ON YOU BECAUSE YOU OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T WANT ME! AND YES I’M ACCUSING YOU OF LYING! I WOULDN’T HAVE CHEATED IF YOU SHOWED ME SOME RESPECT! YOU LET ME GO THROUGH HELL! PRACTICALLY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD HATES ME! JUST BECAUSE OF YOU.” I started breathing hard and Zayn put his hand on my shoulder, I swatted his hand away and got up but felt someone grab my wrist and sling me around. Louis was standing inches away “I know and I’m truly sorry. I should have never done that to you. But the best thing to do about it was not to go sleep with another man.” I looked at him in disgust. Zayn walked out of the room shaking his head and walked out of the condo leaving us two.

“Louis. Sorry isn’t going to make people not hate me anymore. Gosh I thought that high school was bad enough. But when my best friends stop talking to me and all I have is one guy to help me through. And it was NOT you. I kind of have to lean on that one person for emotional and physical support. I got things thrown at me. Rocks, sticks ,shoes ,phones. Louis it was hard and you let them do it. It felt like it pleasured you so see me in pain. To see me damaged…” I said crying and he wraps his arms around me and hugs me letting me sob into his white polo. Makeup from the night before staining it as I cried. He kissed my forehead and kept his lips planted there. I felt tears hit the top of my head.