16 ~ Whole Again

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Title Credit: Front Porch Step


Jess's POV:

"You made it safe?"

"Yes, Jack, we're all good."

"That's good... how's Maddie?"

"She's... okay. I think she's too scared to go outside since its been so long since she's been back."

"Is it really that trailer trashy?"

"Yeah, I know now why she hated it."

"And you missed the funeral?"

"Yeah, we're going the the cemetery in a few hours. I should go hang out with her for awhile, give some comfort. Have a good show tonight."


Maddie's POV:

"I'll go find your parents graves." Jess said quietly, leaving me sitting in front of John's plot.

I sigh and pull out a paper. "Hey John. This is for you. I tried to make amens. I-I wish you were around to read it. I'm sorry I left. I just needed to get out." I set the letter on his grave and sniffled. "I hope you had an okay life. Oh, who am I kidding, I'm so sorry." I broke into tears.

"Hey, don't cry." A male voice said.

My head popped up. "John?"

"Uh, no, back 'ere." I turned to look at a man in a dirty grey jumpsuit. He was around my age but looked like he had seen hell. With a small beard and a hat on. "Yer parents graves 're over there."

I stood and wiped away my tears. "Thank you. Can you show me?"

He nodded and led the way. "Aren't you the youngest Camerin gal?" He glanced at me.

I nodded.

He chuckled. "I'm Al, we went to school together. You haven't changed a damn bit."

I clenched my fist. Now I remember him. I tried everything to change how I was when I left high school.

"What you been up to? What kind of dead end job you workin?"

"I work in a music shop."

"Ah, music. You always had the weirdest taste. Jeremy and Neil did too, all y'all. You fail at that whole music career yet?"

I bit my lip. "No, I actually joined a band not too long ago."

He laughed. "You're just as stupid as you used to be." He turned to me as we reached the double grave with my parents names, Jess was a little while away, on the phone. "Listen 'ere, you better stop this all before you wreck your ole life. People from here don't make it."

My phone started to ring as he turned away.

"H-Hello?" I answered shakily.

"MADDIE DUDE." Jordan whisper-yelled. "This is urgent. I need you to talk to this dude."

"Sure fine."

"Hello?" A new voice said. "My name is Dean. I understand your band isn't signed, but I see some serious potential in you. I've managed local bands in the past, I'm more higher scale nowadays, but I'd like to help take you a step further."

A real manager? After what Al just said to me. Maybe this was what Jeremy told me about.

"Thank you so much." I smiled. "We'd love to work with you."

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