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It took almost a week, but I got my ducks in a roe. I called my mom, who wasn't surprised at all that Nan left me her home in River-Cove, and she was happy for me to have it.

Then I called uncle Benny who was the same as mom, he was more than glad I got the house, even my cousin Russ said he didn't care that River-Cove wasn't really his scene, and he was happy for me to take it. I also think they didn't put up much of a fight because of what Mia did to me.

As for Lady-Voldemort, she has tried to call me multiple times, to the point that I blocked her number. But she did send me an email, telling me once again how sorry she is, and that she's okay with me also getting Nan's house in River-Cove.

Like seriously, what is wrong with this woman? Like I should be grateful to her, that she's not going to contest Nan's will and fight me for a beach-house.

I mean come on, hello your currently shacking up in a apartment with the man I was supposed to marry and I should be thankful to Mia because she's letting me have a house without a fight, that's not even hers, to begin with, I might add.  I swear that woman rises my anger levels to the point of pure rage.

Anyways another obstacle that was in my way, was my job at the hospital. I work as a nurse on the children's ward and sometimes in the Neonatal Intensive care unit, along with being a temporary midwife when I need to be.

So, I had a lot of people that I needed to talk to about getting some time off, most of my bosses were okay with it.

Apart from the she-demon who I work under on the children's ward, she was a little more verbal with her disagreement of me asking for time off.

But I was quick to remind her that I couldn't be good at my job if I had a lot of personal problems going on and that I processed to mention that my Nan recently passed, I thought it might be best to leave my man troubles out of it.

Either way, she finally caved I got a couple of months of leave, at first I wasn't happy that she was side-lining me for so long, I love my job, I love the kids and babies, I love helping people, so the thought of not doing that for months sucks.

But it's the right choice for me in this part of my life, I need to deal with losing Nan, I need to deal with my hate towards Jeremy, and I need to deal with the pain that Mia has caused me until I can grieve all of that I'm no good to people who count on nurses when they're in the hospital.

So maybe this is for the best, I can spend a few weeks in River-Cove see how the house is, get some clarity on my life and then maybe even head to Philly and spend a few weeks with my parents and then maybe I will be fine to go back to work, because hopefully by then my life will be back on track and not all gloomily.

Pulling out of my thoughts as I looked out the open car window, I forgot how beautiful the drive-through River-Cove is at the beginning of summer.

The fresh seaside air that you smell all around you, the bright sunshine, shining down on you. It's absolutely beautiful, I actually forgot just how peaceful this place felt.

I can't believe I haven't been here since I was eighteen years old, I still remember that last summer I spent here with Nan and Lady Voldemort.

It was the summer just before I started college, I left earlier though mostly because I had to get ready for college that year, but also because there was something else going on that summer, something weird that I never figured out, but honestly that last summer I was here was just off, it felt off even like I was being watched.

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