Glancing at my alarm clock, the big red letters said 7am. I have one hour until I have to leave for school. So I got out of my bed and walked towards the bathroom to brush my teeth. After brushing my teeth I stripped off all my clothes and walked into my large hot shower.

Ten minutes later I was finished, feeling very awake and refreshed. I walked back into my bedroom and opened up my large closet doors. I took out a black crop top; a pair of black and white high waisted shorts, black and white snapback and black vans. I finished off my look by straitening my long brown hair and applying some mascara, eyeliner and lip-gloss to my face. I grabbed my bag off my bed and ran downstairs to make some toast.

I sat down at the table and as I ate I couldn't help about think about my mother. I wish she was here; simple things like making my own breakfast remind me of her. I miss her so much; I am only eighteen and live in this large house all by myself. My Mother and Father should be here with me. Not to brag but my house is very large. It has twelve large bedrooms with a bathroom accompanying each. There is two large living areas, large kitchen and a sophisticated dining room that is rarely used. My favourite thing about living here alone is the fact that I get unlimited use of the underground cinema, swimming pool with hotub and personal gym. This house just makes me feel lonely. My mother was killed by an enemy pack called 'The Fireball Pack' when I was fifteen years old. My dad lives in the main pack house since he is the alpha, so I am always alone.

I finished with my breakfast, grabbed my car keys and bag, making my way out the door. As I was locking my front door I heard shouting coming from down the street, I turned around and saw two boys from my pack, Luke and Sawyer. They were shouting at each other both looking seconds away from attacking each other. I ran towards them.

"What the hell is going on?" I shouted at them as I stepped in between them.

"Nothing, it is fine Mia." Luke said as he stepped away from Sawyer.

"Doesn't look fine you idiots, you both could have shifted any second, your wolves were about to take over. Think before you act, idiots." My Alpha voice seeping through making them shift under my gaze. "But hey! On a more serious note, do either of you need a lift to school?" I smiled innocently act them.

"Yeah I do, Luke has got his own car." Sawyer said quickly while throwing Luke a dirty look.

"Fine then, let's go. See you at school Luke." I waved at him. I made my way towards my White Range Rover Sport with Sawyer trailing behind me. Jumping in the driver's seat, Sawyer followed suit jumping in the passenger's seat.

"I love this car!" laughing at himself, he stroked the black leather seat.

I smiled at his child like behaviour "Yeah, it is amazing." I replied.

We sat in a comfortable silence while driving to school but I broke it when we pulled into the car park "I cannot believe we are in our last year of school now. One more year and it will be over!" I couldn't stop the excitement pouring through my voice.

"I know! I hope this year goes fast. It would be awesome if you would spend it at the pack house." I felt Sawyer's eye burn into the side of my head.

"That house is too small for a pack as large as ours. There is only seven bedrooms for damn sake." I grabbed my bag and jumped out of the car with Sawyer following behind me. I locked my car and placed the keys in my bag.

"Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!" he paused and gave me a small smile "I have to go to my locker before class; I'll see you at lunch." He gave me a side hug and walked away.

I walked to my locker; the hallways were always so damn crowded. People everywhere, I had to push through ruddily to reach my locker. I put my combination into my locker and retrieved my books, putting them in my bag. Someone jumped on my back; I turned around to see my best friend Adriana. The caramel highlights stood out in her brown hair and her brown eyes shone with excitement.