The Water

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The day was beautiful. The sun was shining, the flowers were growing, and everything seemed peaceful. A day like this can't be wasted, Amy thought. I know! I'll invite all my friends to the beach! It'll be so much fun! And so, one by one, everybody started to arrive at the beach. "Come on, guys!" Amy exclaimed, "let's go into the water!" And so everybody went into the water, having a great time. Except there was one friend that didn't. Sonic the hedgehog.
This was normal for Sonic. He couldn't swim, and had an extreme fear of water. Multiple times, his enemies would try to drown him, only worsening his fear. But Amy wanted him to join in, so everybody could have a good time. "Hey, Sonic!" Amy shouted, "Come on in the water, it's really warm today!" Then Silver piped up. "Actually, the water is pretty cold-" Amy elbowed Silver. "Yea, come on, Sonic!" Tails shouted, "The water is great!" Sonic rolled his eyes and shouted back at them, "You guys know I don't like water! Plus, I can't swim! I'll drown!"
"Then why don't you just stick your feet in?" Sticks suggested. "That won't hurtcha." Sonic sighed and got up. He knew they wouldn't stop bothering him until he did. Sonic walked over and slowly stuck his foot in. The feeling of the water circling around his leg brought back some bad memories. He remembered the time a badnik dunked his head into a pool of water. He also remembered the time scourge pushed him off a cliff, and he fell in water. Thinking about these near death experiences made Sonic shutter, and pull his foot out. Then Cream piped up. "Come on, Sonic!" Cream exclaimed, "I can't swim, and I'm still in here!" Sonic crossed his arms. "That's different! You are in a pool float!" Cream looked at the float she was in. "Oh, yea..." Sonic started to walk away. He shouted, "I'm not going into the water, and that's final!" Amy looked at Sonic's back with an aggravated expression. "Well, you know, Amy," Tails suddenly said, "Not being able to swim is one of Sonic's biggest disabilities, so I can kinda see why he doesn't want to come in. It's not that Sonic has never tried to learn to swim," Tails heaved a sigh. "He just can't. Every time he tries to swim, he ends up freaking out and flailing around."
"I don't know why Sonic calls me a faker," Shadow said, "If he can't do the simplest of things." This comment made Amy angry. "At least Sonic isn't an android who can't get over the death of some girl!" Everybody looked at Shadow and Amy. Things were going to get wild. "THE DEATH OF SOME GIRL?!" Shadow suddenly exclaimed, "DONT YOU EVER REFER TO MARIA LIKE THAT!" Amy got in Shadow's face and glared at him. "I'll refer to her anyway I want!" Shadow was so enraged that his quills started to rise. His inhibitor rings started to tremble. Shadow started to form a chaos spear, as Amy made her Piko Piko hammer appear. Tails covered his eyes. Sticks went underwater. Silver started to chant "Fight! Fight! Fight!" until Blaze slapped him. Just then, a blue figure got between them. Sonic the hedgehog was in the water! The water was up to Sonic's waist, and Sonic had a major worried expression on his face. At the sight of the blue hedgehog, Amy's Piko Piko hammer disappeared. Shadow's chaos spear dissolved. "Alright? I'm in!" Exclaimed Sonic, kind of freaking out. "I'm in the water! Now stop fighting!" Amy giggled at Sonic's expression. Shadow crossed his arms and turned away. Everybody else cheered.


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