chapter 4~ half true

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I woke up with alfie still at the side of me he was staring at me with a confised look.

Alfie: who do you love?

Marcus: what?

Did he know imposible right no one knows..

Alfie: you were talking in your sleep, well crying saying something about dont go I love you.

Marcus: oh um it dosnt matter

Alfie: wait is that why your sad?

Marcus: stupid right?

Alfie: no course no. You dont have to tell me who


Well I have loved this person for a while and I was even going to tell them but then they got a partner and I feel like going to die and its my fault because I didn't tell them sooner.

I was now over by the wardrobe staring at the floor.

Alfie: oh sorry man. Hey why dont you come round mine me and zoe are gona have a movie night wana join us. It will help you forget.

Me and zoe

Again I couldnt control my self but instead of crying I punched the wardrobe realy hard causing my hand to go strait through the wood. Also making my hand bleed.

Alfie: woh man calm down whats wrong?

Alfie was trying his best he realy was but hes a happy posative guy and dosnt handel sadness and anger verry well.

Marcus: this stupid crush I cant get them out of my head and it hurts, hurts to know theres no chance, hurts to know im alone and it hurts to know my one true love dosnt know with every word about there stupid partner kills me all over again.

Alfie: come here

He pulled me in to a hug. Once again its the only thing he could do. But I didnt mind. He was a great hugger, the best even.

Alfie: hey why dont you explain what you like about them. It might not help in the long run but you will feel beter talking about it.

Marcus: were do I start there perfect. I mean there hair is always perfect, as for there eyes they are so sparkly and cute no matter what and there lips so plump and......anyway he's just perfect.

My heart stoped I just said he. Big mistake. Big BIG mistake.

Alfie: he?

I broke from alfies hug and ran. Ran out of my apartment. Ran down the street. Ran as far as I could and longer.

I didnt know were I was going but I knew I would not be turning back any time soon.

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