Moon Light Kiss (16)

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"SHANE!" I yelled. I raised my hand and slapped him with such force; he went flying through the trees.  

"Whoops." I murmured to myself. I heard him get up and I ran to him.

"Shane?" I called to him. I couldn't find him. I couldn't even smell him.  

"Asshole!" Before I could turn around, I was tackled to the ground.  

"If you ever do that again, I'll rip your dim-witted head off!" Shane yelled in my face. I rolled my eyes and pushed him off.  

"You wouldn't wake up. Apparently slapping you works pretty well." I explained. He sighed and sat down on a tree stomp.  

"She's in pain." He whispered. I felt instant relief knowing he was able to reach her, and then I felt like killing the bastard, or bitch, who was putting her through pain.  

"How were you able to reach her?" I asked. A couple of different emotions crossed his face. First pleased, then rage, and more pain.  

"She was reaching out to me." He murmured. My eyes went wide and my vision was turning red. I felt my nostrils flare and my breathing depend. I shut my eyes tight and balled my fists and put them at my sides.  

"Brother, don't get mad. She's weak. She could barely reach me and she and I have a much stronger bond. She might have tried to get through to you as well, but she probably couldn't. Like I said, she's weak. I know that she went south. So let's go. I'll try and reach her when we get closer." Shane put his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it off.  

"Okay. Let's go." I said through gritted teeth. Did he think it would make me less mad to know that she reached him? That just made me more furious than before! Their bond was stronger. That's why she could reach him and not me. Yeah that makes me feel loads brainless is he?

Elizabeth's P.O.V

It's been about five and a half months since I've seen or heard from Shane and Lawrence. I miss them so much. I miss Lawrence's family.

I found a nice little log cabin by the Tennessee River. It's beautiful, but it's not somewhere I would want to live for the rest of my life....or existence anyway.  

I also found out some cool things about vampires. They can go in sunlight. I found that out when I decided I didn't want to live, and I though vampires burn up in flames when they enter sun light, but none of that is true. The only thing that happens when a vampire gets in sunlight is their skin gets irritated....just like having sunburn.

Another cool thing is that, I can eat normal food, although it's not as appealing as it use to be. I was just experimenting.

I'm not sure if any vampires know about the things I have found out, but I hope one day I can share it with them. I'm sure they wouldn't always want to be "children of the night". I think vampires should try to live a normal life. Maybe I've just gone insane. But whatever has changed in me, I know it will help me in making my decisions. It seems as though I've matured to my fullest potential. I suppose that's a good thing.

It's very hard to be around humans, but I'm getting a lot better at it. I've learned to control this evil thing that wants to rip human's throat out and drink ever ounce of their sweet blood. That might be a little vivid, but hey, it's one hundred percent true. I don't think anyone could fully understand that unless they have been through the stupid shit I have had to deal with. I can't complain to much, one because complaining wouldn't change anything at all. I would still be a blood sucking monster who would love to give in to my very thirsty and evil side. And two, being a vampire helped me see things I've never bothered to notice. An example would be like....watching the wind blow gently against the tree's leaves. The movements of those leaves are so....graceful and very calming. But say the wind was blowing fiercely against the tree's leaves. Then the leaves would be aggressive and frenzied. Its simple things that I have noticed and I love it. I love noticing things I never paid any attention to what so ever. Some people may think that what I'm saying is incredibly boring. They are probably right. But to anyone who has taken the time to see every single, tiny detail at what life has given us would understand the beauty and force it has. It's mesmerizing. It truly is.

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