Moon Light Kiss (15)

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"She won't because he will be dead when she comes back. Then we can be happy and stay together forever." I answered. We all stood in there in silence. I knew what they were thinking. They thought I was loosing it. Maybe I was, but I wasn't going to let him have my girl. She belongs to me. We have a bond and nothing can break that....Then I remembered....He was her first. Her first everything. He kissed her first. He made love to her first. And he changed her. Their bond was stronger than anything. Shit! That's why she's so confused.  

"I can't do anything." I whispered.  

"What do you mean?" Sam asked. I looked at them all.  

"He was her first everything. They share such a strong bond that can never be broken. It's stronger than anything in this world. It makes her strong and it makes him strong. He would kill me if I tried to defeat him." They all looked shocked and realization hit them.  

"You are right brother." Every one turned to the window and saw Shane stepping threw it. He has changed. He didn't look the same. He looked....sad. His true feelings were out now. He wasn't cold and harsh anymore. That could make killing him possible, as long as I use his emotions against him.  

"What the hell are you doing here?" I growled.  

"I came to tell you that I will not cheat. Nor will I fight you. I will be fair and let her choose. I'm hoping you will do the same." He said  

"Although..." He continued, "If you choose to fight me. I will kill you. I'm to strong for you." He warned. I was frozen in place. I had so much anger in me I couldn't do anything.  

"I understand you are in pain. I want to make this easier for both of us." He said looking at me with such depressing eyes.  

"Thank you brother, but it will never be easy. I will always know that she loves you. Just as you will always know that she loves me." I said sternly. He nodded.  

"I know. If you all do not mind, I would like to talk to my brother alone. I promise I will not cause a fight. If it turns into a fight, I assure you that it will not be because of me. You have my word as a vampire." Shane said bowing his head to show respect. The others did the same then they left. Shane was studying me carefully.  

"I will not share her as we did in the past." I said, breaking the awkward silence.  

"Neither will I, brother. She will choose. She will follow what her heart tells her." He responded calmly.  

"You think she will choose you." I accused. He sighed.  

"To be honest, yes. You see, this morning I made her have a vision. I let my true self appear to her and she did the same. I cannot explain what happened but it was magical. She has so much pain and sorrow yet, she still has so much love inside her that she wants to give to her true love." I restrained myself from hitting him. This wasn't fair. I don't care if I'm acting childish. She will be mine. When he lets his guard down I will attack, but I must gain his trust first.  

"I see. So we wait...correct?" I asked sitting on my bed. Shane nodded once.  

"So what do we do?" I continued.  

"I guess I will go back to my home. And I will leave you and your family alone in peace." He said looking out a window grimly.  

"No. You can stay." I said in the nicest voice I could. He stared at me for a long time. If he returns to his home then I will not be able to attack him. He has to stay.  

"Thank you. I will stay until I know where she is. When I know that she is somewhere safe then I can leave." Shane turned to me and grinned. His small smile didn't reach his eyes.  

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