Chapter Ten: I'm Burnin' Up You Baby

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Nick's POV

She kissed me. I knew this was wrong, so wrong. But then why did it feel so right? When I had gotten over the initial shock of her action, I kissed her back with equal passion. I slid my hands carefully around her waist as she had done around my neck. Her hands automatically ran slowly through my hair and around my neck. Our lips moved in sync with each others, we were connected.

Suddenly, I was brought back to my senses. I pulled away from Miley and at the same time, pushed her away from me. I regretted this action instantly as she tumbled to the ground, almost in slow motion, and landed in an awkward position. But it was far to late to do anything now.

I held my head in my hands, trying to work out what had just happened. "W-what the fuck, Miley?" I stammered, searching to pick up the right words.

"You asked me to prove that you were an idiot. . . so I did!" she said in a tiny voice. I looked down at her and immediately saw the tears sparkling in her eyes; I had hurt her again! "It's just as much your fault as it is mine!" she accused, pulling herself away from me slightly. I wanted to reach out to her, to hug her and comfort her but. . . I can't.

"Oh my fuck! Olivia is gonna kill me!" I groaned, shaking my head and clasping my eyes shut. Olivia. . . first she's heard the rumours then seen the twitter frenzy, and if this gets out. . . it'll break her.

The silence that followed was so. . . empty. There was non of the buzz that was there before, the calm and the comfort had flown straight out of the window.

"I-I'm sorry. . ." Miley muttered. I heard a shuffling noise and I glanced up to see Miley stood up and limp over to switch the television off.

"Miles. . . your leg. . ." I said, watching her limp, transfixed.

"It's. . . fine," she said through gritted teeth. "I'm sure it's just bruised or something."

But I wasn't convinced.

"Miley, you should go and see a doctor!" I insisted, finally gaining control of my legs. In one fluid movement, I stood up and stretched out my hand towards Miley but she shook her head.

"No!" she hissed. "I don't need no fucking doctor! How dare you!"

"Miley, for gods sake, I'm just trying to help you!"

She recoiled and shrank away from me. I wondered what was running through her mind. "I-I'm sorry, I think you'd better go," she whispered, her voiced tinged with pain. "I'm sure Olivia is missing you. . ."

"Miles. . ." I said, but I had no more words. She shook her head.

"No, sorry Nick, I'm the idiot! I think you should just go, I need to figure out some shit." and she sat on the sofa, curled up in a foetal position.

I looked at her, she was so vulnerable and I hurt her again. Just like before. . .

"She's right," I thought. "I must go before I make this worse." and with that, I left the living room and strode quickly over to the front door. Before I shut myself out, I whispered a small "Goodbye Miley," in the hope that she'd forgive me and we'd work this all out another day.

* * *

I pulled over when I was a few metres away from Miley's house. I needed to calm down, I was getting too stressed out.

I was an idiot, I should have stayed; who was ever going to find out that I had even visited Miley?

Well, the answer to my question approached me outside my car. A gaggle of paps crowded around my window, trying to get better shots of me.

"Nick! Where's Miley? Is she in there?" one of the men demanded.

"Why were you at her house?"

"I was. . . just visiting!" I yelled, and I started the car again to drive off. I had to get away from those creatures thirsting for a story. . . and I think they might have one. . .

* * *

Miley's POV

Ha! I'm such a selfish bitch! I should never have kissed Nick, what was I thinking?

To distract myself from my thoughts, I switched on the television and left to fetch a coffee from my kitchen.

As I wandered in, I was almost blinding by the sunlight streaming from the window. It reflected off all of my clean surfaces, therefore making the light seem brighter than ever! I quickly lurched towards what I hoped was the window and grabbed the hanging fabric. With one fluid swipe of my arm, the curtains were closed, allowing me to see again.

I limped over to the coffee machine, standing pristine and tall next to my microwave. I fiddled around with some of the buttons, placed a mug inside and watched as it filled with a slightly foamy, dark liquid. When the machine became lifeless again, I snatched the mug and held it to my nose. The warmth spread from my fingers to my toes and the steam rose, dancing hypnotically in the, now dim, light. The distinct scent of coffee rode on the back of the steam, filling my nostrils with the captivating aroma. Once again, I retraced my footsteps to return to my living room, finally accompanied with my coffee.

As soon as I entered, I quickened my pace then threw myself onto the sofa, instantly falling into a relaxed state.

That didn't last long. . .

"One third of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas has been sighted leaving ex-girlfriend, Miley Cyrus' house late this very afternoon!"

Upon hearing this, I dropped my mug in shock. The mug fell to the ground and smashed, spraying coffee onto my white rug. But I didn't care.

"Some people spotted his car entering the singers house and leaving only an hour later." A video popped up on the far right of the screen. It was a film - of Nick! I watched as his car swung out of my open gates and drive a little way down the road. "Our reporters noticed that he had pulled over and stopped so they went over to ask if he was okay."

"Lying bastards," I thought angrily. "Those aren't reporters - they're paps!"

And sure enough, I could see Nick's face lit up by the flashing frenzy of photographers. The news people then unmuted the video, allowing the viewers to listen.

"Nick! Where's Miley? Is she in there?" one of the men demanded.

"Why were you at her house?"

"I was. . . just visiting!" he yelled finally over the barrage of questions. He then revved his car then sped away, escaping.

"This footage was filmed by one of our cameramen. Nick's feeble attempt at covering up his story; will we ever find out more? And how will his girlfriend, Olivia Culpo - Miss Universe 2012 - react to this possible cheating? Tune in next-" I switched off the television, feeling sick to my stomach. Poor Nick! I cant believe he had to face the paps so early in these rumours! But the news reporter was right; that kiss we shared does classify as cheating. And Nick will have Olivia to answer to. . .

* * *

This is an obvious filler chapter n stuff. Omg I hate writing sometimes. When I went to proofread it, it just sounded so boorrriiiinnnngggg! I'm really sowwy! Hey, it was snowing and I got distracted!

~ Sianymouse ~

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