chapter 3~ comfort

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Alfie was on his way what the fuck do I say? Um yeah I love you and I am crying because Im jealous of zoe.


alfie: marcus dude were are you?

Alfie was now downstairs, aproching fast.

I just lost it tears streamed down my face for the thousandth time this month.

Just then alfie came in and stared at me like I was a dead body or somthing.

Alfie: oh marcy

I started to cry harder. The name Marcy used to make feel special but now it was a painfull reminder its a best friend name and hes taken.

He walked over to my bed and climed in the other side.

I slowly turned to face alfie.

Alfie: please tell me whats wrong. I can help.

Marcus: n no you cant no one can.

Alfie: oh marcus

He pulled me in for a hug. I guess thats all he could do. But for the first time in a month I felt calm and comforted.

I guess it dosnt matter about zoe because with alfie here at least I can dream.

So thats what I did I closed my eyes and fell asleep cudeld in to the alfie deyes.

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