Chapter 6 - The Deed part 2

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~Your P.O.V~
We headed to the living room, finding Stan watching some advertisement on the television. "I need you to laugh at this with me." Stan said, laughing.

We looked at the television and a commercial for the Tent of Telepathy came on screen. Gideon appeared there, singing, '♪Who's cute as a button, and always your friend, li'l G-I-D to the E-O-N! Wink!♪ Li'l Gideon.'

"Ugh, Gideon." Dipper said. "He's always trying to trick me into losing the Shack." Stan said. "One time, I caught him stealing my moisturizer." Wendy continued. "And yet, our mutual hatred for him bonds us together." Soos finished.

Then, the narration in the TV said 'Come down to Li'l Gideon's Tent of Telepathy. Opening soon at the mystery shack.' "And should we be worried about that?" Dipper asked. "Please, the only way Gideon's gonna take the Shack is by breaking in and stealing the deed." Stan replied. Right after that, the sound of shattering glass travelled to the living room. "You mean like right now?" I asked.

We rushed over to Stan's office, finding Gideon trying to open the safe. "38? 41? Oh heavens to besty!" Gideon mumbled. "Gideon!" Stan shouted. "Well, well, Stanford. We seem to have entered a dangerous game of cat and mouse. But the question remains, who's the cat and who's the -" Gideon said but was cut off with Stan asking Soos for a broom. Stan chased Gideon around the room with the broom and Gideon hissed. Stan hit Gideon with the broom twice and chased him out. "You mark my words Stanford. One day, im gonna get that combination. And when I steal that deed, You'll never see the shack again!" Gideon shouted. "Good luck, bucko!" Stan shouted back. "The combo to that safe is in one place he will never think of, my brain." Stan said.

~3rd P.O.V~

"Your mind isn't as safe as you might think Stanford Pines." Gideon said as he takes Journal #2. "This is the last straw! Its time to unlock the journals greatest secret..." he flipped the pages to monster #326's page. A picture of Bill Cipher was there.

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