Chapter 1: Unleashing the Beast [Naruto/Kushina/Nina]

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His body ripped a trail through the night sky, jetting out of the hole that had been created by his arrival. What was its direction? Konohagakure no Sato. Why? Because that is his place of origin. In most universes.

He was the yogen no ko (child of prophecy). The one whose power would save the or destroy the world. He was the man whose words supposedly changed even the deadliest enemy. He was the Kyübi no jinchüriki, his soul containing the fiercest and most powerful bijü. And when he remembered what happened, he would realize his position.

Plip. Plip. Plip. Plip.

There was only one leaky faucet in all of Konoha's shinobi exclusive hospital.

Plip. Plip. Plip. Plip.

And it was located in the "Special Condition" ward, room 503.

Plip. Plip. Plip. Plip.

Located on the bed in a comatose state lie patient #1592006, better known as "Suisei Otoko" (Comet Man). The village, when Suisei-san crashed into the village square, had though that he was an offensive technique launched as the first strike by an invading army. When the smoke had cleared and they were sure that no following attacks would ensue, the guard shinobi had landed around the center to find a man who looked to have just reached his 20s.

Naked as the day he was born.

Plip. Plip. Plip.

While the surrounding civilians had all passed out with severe nosebleeds, the guard shinobi had received a reply from their Hokage to take Suisei-san to the hospital to see if he was still alive. When the examination of the body was done (with physical contact bordering a bit on the side of molestation), Suisei-san had been diagnosed.

His health was in optimal condition, with no problems with his vitals. But he was in a comatose state.

Plip. Plip.

And so he was moved to Room 503, where the Hokage had assigned guard shinobi to watch him day and night. Ready to alert the Hokage at the first sign of his awakening. And the room that had a leaky faucet.


That was five months ago. And as the same four guards posted in each corner those 5 months ago watched him with constant vigilance, they wished for something, ANYTHING, to happen today.

While the job wasn't as bad as the one's that other shinobi had, it bored them to tears. Constantly watching this Adonis sleep without a care in the world while they continually diminished their self-esteem, comparing themselves to his perfect figure.

With hair that was nearly the same as the most famous man in Erementaru Kokuren (Elemental Nations) history…

But that was unimportant. The high priority was placed over his situation showed how coveted he already was in the eyes of the village. And while he probably was really important and powerful (I mean come on, who crash lands into the earth from the sky and doesn't have a scratch on them!), watching him for days on days on days… ahem… with orders not to do anything else was pure torture. Especially with that constant dripping noise. It could lure you to sleep, keep you awake, or drive you to the brink of madness! With the way it would make you wince upon the water drops' contact with the interior surface of the sink! I mean seriously listen! Plip plip plip plip plip plip plip plip


As yet another water drop expanded and burst as it made contact with the sink's surface, time seemed to slow down.

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