23. Dr. Mahir Razaaq

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This chapter is dedicated to every single reader who waited so patiently for Mahir's re entry. I was overwhelmed by all the love you all have been giving to him and Aayat. Here you go lovelies, hope you will enjoy Mahir's pov. 😘

But before we get started,
I want you all to know that I have casted someone else as Mahir.

But before we get started,I want you all to know that I have casted someone else as Mahir

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Presenting you Mr. Karl Kugelmann as Mahir Razaaq

I hope you liked him😉 (no evil eyes pleaseeeee)
Now let's get started.

Mahir's Pov:

            I removed the mask from my face, followed by gloves. I sanitised my hands and then looked back again at my patient as I then started walking towards the exit door of the operation theatre.

"Shift the patient to ICU For now, we will keep her there until she come backs to consciousness."
I instructed to the staff present in the operation theatre before stepping out of it. I removed the surgical cap as I saw Mr and Mrs Lewis, the parents of my patient Ms. Sandra , coming towards me with an expectant look in their eyes which were also filled with tears.

          I kept my hand on Mr. Lewis's shoulder as he asked , his voice meek.

"How is our daughter? Is she alright Doctor?"

         I plastered a small but genuine smile on my face as I informed,

"Don't worry Mr. Lewis. Your daughter is very brave and she survived this. She is alright, just unconscious. We will shift her to ICU for observation. But there is nothing serious. She will be good."

          A chuckle left her mouth as the tears flowed freely from his eyes as I patted on his shoulder. I gave an assured look to Mrs. Lewis who's face was already beaming with joy.

"Thank you so much Dr. Mahir." She said and I nodded to her.

          I looked at Mr. Lewis once again before letting go him . I started to walk towards my cabin , giving the couple privacy. I kept walking but then stopped as the nurse came Calling my name from behind, making me turn back .

"Sorry Doctor. But this is the file Dr. Aiza had sent for you to look."
She said forwarding the file to me.

"No problem." I said giving her a smile while taking the file from her. The nurse then turned back and went away. My eyes , once again fell on Mr. And Mrs Lewis sitting on the bench outside the OT As they looked at each other happily.

           This was the moment that makes everything , every year spent studying , every second dedicated to learning and becoming a surgeon worth it. This is the look which makes be believe in myself , makes me feel happy for once and makes me smile for a moment through my dark life.
I unknowingly smile as I walk back to my cabin.

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