Chapter 2 :Kurenai First An*l [Naruto/Kurenai]

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Naruto ran down the familiar street on his way to his favorite restaurant. The recent physical activity had participated had been amazing but it had also made him very hungry. Dodging past the villagers Naruto quickly reached the small ramen stand and ducked inside.

"Hey Naruto! I've been wondering when you'd show up!" Greeted the cheerful owner of the ramen shop, Teuchi Ichiraku. Naruto smiled brightly as he took his regular seat.

"Yah I've been pretty busy lately what with training and all." Naruto said brightly then suddenly realized something. 'Come to think about it I didn't really train all that much today.' Naruto thought to himself. '...oh well getting a girlfriend more than makes up for it.' Naruto thought happily as he remembered the day's events.

"You seem pretty happy. Did you have a good day?" Teuchi asked.

"Oh... um It's just I think I made some real progress today with my training that's all." Naruto said scratching the back of his head and smiling.

"Is that so... well what will you have today." He asked Naruto while already getting the noodles ready for the ramen.

"I'll take a miso to start!" Naruto exclaimed.

"All right one miso coming up." Teuchi said as he got to work. Suddenly the curtains moved and two figures came in who Naruto instantly recognized.

"Hey! Shikamaru, Choji what are you guys up to!" Naruto asked happily. Choji moved forward and sat down as Shikamaru turned towards Naruto.

"Huh? Oh it's you Naruto." He said as he sat down. "Nothing much me and Choji were out hanging around and got hungry... what about you?" Shikamaru asked noticing the dirt on Naruto's clothes.

"Oh me! Well I've been training all day." Naruto said as Teuchi placed the bowl of ramen in front of Naruto and went to take Choji and Shikamaru's orders. Naruto dug into his food as Shikamaru and Choji ordered.

"Oh well hopefully you've been training enough, after all didn't you fail the last two times you tried to pass?" Shikamaru asked. Naruto got a pissed off look in his eyes.

"That was just a fluke! This time I'm defiantly going to pass!" Naruto said in between slurps of his ramen.

"Sure whatever, just remember to take a bath your clothes are full of dirt." Shikamaru told him. Naruto looked down at his clothes and realized that indeed they had dirt on them.

'...probably when Kurenai-chan took them off and threw them on the floor.' Naruto thought. Then he realized something. 'Wait... dirty?' "Oh! Holy crap!" Naruto exclaimed. He quickly stood and reached into his pocket to take out some money. Quickly putting down the right amount on the table Naruto headed out. "Sorry gotta go!" Naruto yelled as he ran off out of the restaurant.

"What the hell was that about?" Choji mumbled with ramen in his mouth. Shikamaru sighed as he turned back to his food.

"Troublesome blond." Shikamaru muttered.

"Well whatever it is it must be important he usually eats way more than that." Teuchi said as he picked up Naruto's money and bowl.


Naruto's Apartment

Back home Naruto stood in the middle of his room and looked around the place. Everywhere he looked there were old ramen cups and trash littered around the place. Having always been alone and never having anybody over, Naruto had never really bothered cleaning up after himself. He did of course clean up once in a while but if was usually because he couldn't take one step before stepping on something. "Well can let Kurenai-chan see all this mess." He said and moved around the small apartment cleaning up as fast as he could.

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