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Chapter 11

Choi's POV

What the? Ako, naliligaw?

"No, I'm not. NILILIGAWAN KITA, HINDI NALILIGAW!" I shouted at her.

"Wow, makasigaw ka naman. Nagtatanong lang eh!" She said.

Tss. Such a slowpoke girl. I damn hate her innocence and her damn brain process. I'm not saying that she's kinda person with deslexia (person who are not able to learn things easily). It's just that, she grew up in a good family and being loved so much. Well, she never knew that they're not her family though. Poor her. She's the sister of our opponent. Tsk!

"Kanina, naninigaw ka. Tapos ngayon hindi na nagsasalita. Alam mo Choi, bad ang magshout lagi. Pero, bad din naman ang sobrang tahimik." She said.

Oh, I lost myself. She caught me off guard huh? Well, let's go back to the reality and face the true identity of my auwful life.

"Ah, we still have a class. I changed my mind." I said.

I was about to ask her to go in a date, but I was thinking to make it slow. Slow, but I will surely win her heart. Ito naman ang inuwi namin dito diba? So, I'll stand for it.

"Ah.. ganun ba? Okay!" She said and smile.

I was about to walk when she suddenly grabbed my hand.

I was stunned for awhile. I didn't expect this. Don't tell me... after how many years, naramdaman ko nanaman.

Hinawi ko ang kamay niya.

"Bitawan mo ako." Matigas kong sabi and continue to walk.

"Wow! Tagalog! Anyare, Choi?" Sabi niya.

Ah, parang tanga. Tsk.

When we finally reached the room, everyone's eyes was with us, or shall I say with me?

"Why are you late, miss?" The teacher asked her.

"A-ah, sorry ma'am!" She answered.

I just don't mind the teacher, the reason why I just enter the class and sit properly.

"Okay. Any idea about our topic?" The teacher asked.

May nakasulat sa board: Faith and Religion

Merong nagraise ng hand. I looked at him. He's a nerd.

"Yes, Mr. Minho?" Teacher said.

Mr. Minho? Maybe he's Tiffany's new friend. 'Coz she keep on mentioning Chase Minho's name. But I don't care about him. I just knew him because of crazy girl's sharp tongue.

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