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A/N-I've said this before, but just want to reiterate; big trigger warning for bulimic behaviors this chapter (and the rest of the story). Remember this is a story in George's skewed view of the world; his thoughts around food and his body are disordered and completely irrational. Be safe guys <3

1 hour.

That was all the time he had until he needed to begin streaming for the Minecraft Championship event.

George let out a pathetic sigh as he dug out another spoonful of Nutella from the jar and hastily shoved it in his mouth. It was almost a cruel joke at this point--as if yesterday wasn't enough, of course, he had to end up binging again today.

It's okay, George reassured himself, as long as I throw it all up, it'll be like it never happened. 

But really, as George threw yet another handful of cereal into his mouth, he despaired. Out of all the days and all the times, why did he have to do this now? And why couldn't he just...stop? Too many thoughts plagued him, only further encouraging him to eat the copious amount of food that laid on his kitchen table.

30 minutes.

Panic began to strike in his chest as he stared at the clock.

Yankee with no brim? More like George with no time, he internally joked.

He should probably stop soon, right? He needed time to throw it all up. But he wasn't satisfied yet! His mind yearned for more, more, more food. 

His movements became more frantic, more rushed, shoving food in his mouth as if this was his last ever meal. 

15 minutes.

Just as he took a huge bite out of a bagel, a loud ding was heard from his phone. George nearly shrieked from surprise, dropping his bagel in the process. 

(2) New Notifications:

Dream: georgeeeee join the teamspeak!! sapnap, slyvee and I are already there 

Dream: the event obviously hasn't started yet but we're planning stuff :)

George gasped, a sudden sense of dread practically drenching him. I thought I had more time?! Fuck, I'm so stupid, of course they would want to talk before starting the stream! Fuck!

George was officially in panic mode. He sprinted around his kitchen, putting away all of the food he was gorging on. His thoughts were screaming at him; How am I going to throw everything up?! And, thoughts of horror--I ate so much-- I need to get it out of me.

Hastily, he texted back.

George: I'll be on in a sec!! :)

He turned on his computer. I need to make sure I can mute myself.

He grabbed a large bucket, internally groaning. I remember using this to collect sand at the beach when I was younger. Damn.

And soon enough, he was positioned in front of his computer with the bucket lying on his desk beside him. He quickly opened teamspeak, joining their call.

"George!! You're here!" Dream greeted him first, sounding excited.

"Heyyy George!" A female voice, presumably Sylvee (their new teammate), spoke.

"Took you long enough." Sapnap said.

"Hey guys, what'd I miss?" George asked.

"Well, we were just talking about the minigames, especially--" Sylvee began explaining.

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