Dan Howell

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31. His naturally hair is wavy/curly, but it's normally straightened because he hates his hair and calles it "hobbit hair" ( but Dan, we LOVE your curly hair)

32. If you have not figured this out by yourself, he LOVE Malteasers

33. Also, he has been fired from a whole lot of jobs and got into near death experiences.

34. He procrastinats like a mad man. He calls it a chronic disorder. in his video he said "I have probably done 3 pieces of homework in 13 years of being in school. I just physically can't do work. i would rather stare at a blank wall for 5 hours than write TWO sentences about what i did this morning in german. (speak german and tells us not to translate it ) Or i make up really rubbish excuses just to pospone having to do anything at all.

35. He wore the furry hat for the first time in his 4th video.


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