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Don't Blink Chapter 1: Falling Leaves

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Chapter 1: Falling Leaves

By now all the leaves had turned a burning orange and covered the ground like wild fire. A new semester of school started and the streets filled with kids walking to school and leaving from it. My eyes wandered through and around everyone as I walked to school. Looking for certain characteristics that would offset anyone from the crowd. For the certain people whom I called my friends.

“Found you,” Hands covered my eyes as I heard the words, “Guess who?”

“Hmmmm, it couldn't possibly be one of my friends, so it has to be…. The old lady next door!” I said, turning around to look at the girl behind me.

“That’s not nice Lia! You know perfectly well that I’m only 5 months older than you.” She said, folding her arms angrily.

She had light blond hair that she wore up in a side ponytail with a skull hair clip that was attached to the band that held it up. She had silver hoop earrings and a black bracelet with small spikes on it. She wore the same school uniform as I did but her shirt had a few buttons undone and was untucked. Her tie hung loosely around her neck. She wore her black blazer normally though. Her blue eyes were framed by long eyelashes with a small coat of mascara on them. Her skin was slightly tan from the old summer sun. She was a beauty and she knew it.

“Hey, Sunny.” I said, turning around and walking again.

“Hey Lia,” She quickened her pace to catch up, then fell into step with me. “How was your summer at the beach house?”

I smiled at her usual question she asked after every summer.

“The same, we had fun playing at the beach and having campfires and fireworks. Then it ended with my father leaving again.”

“Sounds great,” Sunny said dreamily, “My parents were fighting again all summer, so I spent most of my time at the library or the cafe'.”

We could hear the school bell toll and we quickened our pace up the hill. Sunny, having longer legs, beat me to the gate. She smiled as a passed her to get to my shoe locker. Sunny, the name fit her. She had the brightest smiles, and as she walked around she glowed. Everyone in the school loved her. Even the teachers. She had no enemy's because if they tried to pick a fight or even hate her, she would just flash her smile turn on her charm and they would be engulfed by her warm light. That's how we met.

Sunny ran up to me and hooked her arm with mine as we walked to class. We walked in just before the late bell tolled and sat in our seats as the teacher walked to the front of the class to start the lesson. The teacher drowned on and on about proper sentence structure and different forms of essays. I turned my head to the left and looked out the window that I sat next to. He started to go into the format of different types of novels as my mind drifted somewhere else.

'Lia? Is your name Lia? Why are you crying?” The soft voice rang through my head.

I saw a young version of myself, about five years old, sitting in the rain with a blonde haired girl about the same age looking down at me, holding an umbrella. I hiccuped and wiped my eyes before looking up at the girl.

'I-I'm c-crying because,” hiccup, “t-the kids at s-school d-don't like me,” hiccup. More tears spilled from my eyes, like they were falling with the rain.

'Lia, you're in my class right?” I nodded answering her question, 'OK, then you and I should be friends. How does that sound?” She smiled at me, 'I'm Sunny, by the way

Through that one smile, I saw light. It was bright and warm; brighter than the sun and I could see it through the rain. It reached with her outstretched hand, picked me up, and lead me back home. She didn't know it, but at that time she brought the sun back. As she walked away from my house, I looked out the window and watched her. She never put her umbrella down, but it had stopped raining and all the clouds were gone. The sun framed her figure and made her glow even more. She almost seemed like an angel, it was just too good to be true. An angel with a name to match her smile. She even appeared in my dreams that night as an angel.

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