i just adore you, i wish that i knew what makes you think i'm so special

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i'm sorry but lord of the rings is too freaking awesome, like smeagol and sam's hatred for each other is ICONIC i'm in the middle the two towers and like thank you for the gayness and wholesomeness

also ik i should be doing this paper for college but who cares ya know? we love ruining schedules :))

oh and i thought i was stupid and alone for not liking shane dawson, trisha payed ya (idk what her last name is), and jefferee star, and a bit of james charles bc we stopped watching her after the whole tati scandal. but now i'm finally seeing other people talk about how crappy they all are and now i don't feel so bad :)) bc i've always been surrounded by people who were fans of them (you don't know how many times i've heard "what's wrong with you? he's the king of beauty gurus" "omg how can you not like him, he shaped my entire childhood" "she's problematic but i still love her content" yadda yadda just shut up) and some of them have made me feel bad for just not watching them like i don't have to watch your peeps man chill

you think i get mad at people who don't watch thomas or unus annus? or anyone who watches anthony without smosh or vice versa? nope, they respectfully say they don't watch them, i respect their decision :)) HOWEVER the moment people try to insult thomas (especially thomas) or mark and ethan or anthony or ian, shane, courtney, and all them or whatever, i will fight. bc i follow people that i believe are good people, people i know are good people bc i've seen it. as much as it hurts me, i stopped openly being a fan of ezra miller after that video went up of them. it hurts when your idols suck man but there's always a right thing to do. i stopped stanning grlwood after the allegations, i stopped melanie during her allegations (i mean kinda i had stopped listening to her a while before then) so when i show you the truth about your favorite person sorry not sorry :)

i really miss my friends :( i passed by two of my friends houses yesterday and i felt really sad bc i miss them so much. like one of them, she's a lil bitch baby but i miss her, she's a dumbass but i need that dumbass energy to match my own you know?? like think of unus annus, mark and ethan, that's our dynamic. sometimes she's more like ethan, sometimes she's more like mark, but every time i watch unus annus, i miss her. then another one of my friends, she loves anime and fandom culture, so like every time i watch something she goes on about, i think of her :(( even the stupidest things, like when i cook, when i watch stuff about drag queens, when i watch someone play the ukulele, when i watch Steven universe, even so much as reading manga, all of it reminds me of my friends :))

oh and i've been watching glee and honestly unpopular opinion here, KAROFSKY IS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. okay ik most of the fandom like hates him but hear me out. he is probably the most real character of the series. when he gets along with the glee club and actually enjoys the stuff, he resists. the club thinks he'll automatically drop the way he's always acted just because of one day but he doesn't. it's hard to change yourself, even if you're a little more comfortable, it takes time. he's still scared of coming out and how others will react for YEARS mind you. when he was brave enough to confess his crush on kurt, his teammate finds out and exposes him to the whole school. he can't handle the harassment and tries to kill himself but after he recovers he gets back up again. i think the best part is when he and kurt are visualizing his future. bc it absolutely warms my heart that an lgbt teen, that lives with a homophobic mom and goes to homophobic schools, sees a future where he is undeniably happy. where he is married to a kind and handsome man, and they take their adorable son to football games together, it makes me happy to know that he will persevere to get that future.

and as much as i loved seeing him come back later in the series, i think Blaine should've gotten together with sebastian instead of karofsky. like sebastian clearly flirted with and liked blaine when he was there, and he redeemed himself. he's not that stone hearted. he backed off and even tried to fix what he had done when karofsky attempted suicide. and when that smug little a hole came in later on, sebastian seemed weak compared to him, he wasn't nearly as ruthless. also i be a floozy for grant gustin's lil smirk.

anyways i should probably get to doing my paper thingy :)) i have a ton of inspiration for writing lately but like no inspiration at the same time. it's weird, that's it, buh bye!

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