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☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚THERE WAS NOWHERE OPHELIA FELT MORE AT HOME THAN IN THE FOREST. Beneath an umbrella of bright emerald leaves, atop a mossy tree stump and writing endlessly was her favourite means of spending any free time. In fact, it was almost the only way she did spend her free time. And if not writing, a book would be clasped between her delicate fingers instead.

"Ophelia, darling," her mother called, briefly poking her head through the trees with a half-smile, "You're going to be late if you don't get a move on."

Her daughter nodded, leaning up to press a kiss to her mother's cheek and tucking her grimoire under her arm, "I totally lost track of time!"

"You always do when you're reading, sweetheart," her mother laughed, kissing her forehead and brushing back her hair, "Don't be late tonight, please, you've got a lot to get through tonight."

Ophelia sighed, cursing that even once school was over she had more — and more important — work to do. She nodded vigorously and coughed, "I won't," before running back to her house to collect her bag to head to school.

Slipping into her truck, she turned on the radio with a flick of her finger and softened into her seat at the melodic sound of The Beatles' 'blackbird' ringing through the car.

The pressure of simultaneously completing high school whilst also studying witchcraft never really dawned on Ophelia until the beginning of this school year. She was approaching 17 and, as her mothers loved to remind her, that would mark the day upon which she would set fully on her path to becoming an adult witch.

At 17, at least in Ophelia's coven, a witch was to leave school and focus solely on their witchcraft if they were not already. Tireless studying would lead to their official initiation into their coven at 18 and, as a result, they would be effectively frozen in time — their immortality just beginning and their responsibility as witches reaching full force.

Ophelia feared they notion of living forever, but knowing that she was lucky enough to do so with her family was comforting. She just dreaded inevitably losing all of her friends, who she'd have to abandon after a few years to avoid the confusion of her inability to age.

Her plan was to finish this year at school, even upon turning 17. Her birthday wasn't long before the end of the year anyway and, as a result, her moms had promised her she could stay for the end of year for prom. She'd not thought about how she'd tell her friends she wouldn't be at school the following year, but figured they would only be half bothered.

Ophelia was well liked, admired by many in fact, but as far as friends were concerned she maintained a steady yet distant friendship with a large number of people. She spent her time in school with a small group for companionship, but she was also very much a fan of being in her own company.

She wished to tell herself this was entirely by choice, but there was no denying that she was mostly distanced because of the nagging of her mothers. Constant reminders that she would soon have to abandon her friends did wonders for pushing her away from them before it was too late, and so the forest had become her safe haven; the rustling trees her best friends.

Alone with her thoughts, she pondered her mortality in great depth. She wondered about other immortals, and who she would meet in the long life ahead of her. She wondered if anyone else in the dreary town of Forks knew how it felt, if she'd make new friends when she could no longer see her own.

She wondered how her life would differ, so soon.

Would she spend her every waking moment in her home library as her brother did, mindlessly reading tales of legendary witches she could never compare to?

Would she be resigned to practicing spells that she would never use, even if her family emphasised that she was destined for more?

Would she even make a good member of the coven?

If only the young witch knew quite how much her life would change even from that day, a new arrival propelling her in the direction her very existence was destined for.

And more importantly, and perhaps more surprisingly... she would finally know him. Far better than she could ever have expected.

 Far better than she could ever have expected

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