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A HUGE Thanks to amateurwriter812 for beautiful cover/banner and GIFs! Check out the profile of this talented person. ^^


🎀 ~Following are the points with information regarding Jinxed July Contest;

1. Only a few selected genres will be judged. We will not be taking every genre for this month's contest.

2. The main aim is Horror. Considering the title, it should be quite clear that the aim of our Contest is Horror. However, other genres are included.

3. Given genres can be a sub-genre as well. It does not have to be your main genre but can also be a sub-genre. Your book will be accepted if it fits only in the provided criteria.

4. You can only enter one book with at least 5 chapters excluding prologue, aesthetics, etc. A compiled list of Winners will be selected so, it will be unfair to fellow participants. Short Stories should have at least 3 chapters.

5. Participants cannot judge. Again, it will be unfair to your fellow writers.

6. A total of 20 winners will be chosen. We will be compiling winners into a list, which will be run through an experienced appointed admin and confirmed.

7. If you change your Book Title/Username it is mandatory, you inform either your host or co-host. In the previous Contest, many entries were not considered due to this very issue. Please note, we are not updated to your every action and require information to act accordingly.

8. The maximum number of entries is 100 and the least amount is 50. It means the Submission Date will be extended if it does not hit the minimum number!

9. Books only in English are acceptable. Our admins and judges prefer to judge only English.

10. Our admins are fine with judging LGBTQ+ but, smut is not allowed. Mature as in, swear words, gore, etc is acceptable.

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1. Follow this account, your host (JuniaAvery29), and co-host (BlizarrKaneki), permanently. We will be working very hard and appreciate your support. Do not follow to unfollow.

2. Add this book in your Public Reading List for publicity.

3. Give this book a shout-out on your message board.

4. Add "Book Wizards" in your Public Reading List.

5. Follow your respective judges, permanently when they are assigned. Judges put a lot of time to review and compile the result of your book. It is only fair you support them.

6. Tag 7 people here_______>>> 🎃 [mandatory]

7. Password is your favorite Fantasy movie/book. This will be required to ensure your attendance when you fill-up the form. The password will be changed each week.

8. Respect and act fair towards fellow Participants and Judges. If you are seen to break this rule your book will be eliminated. It also goes for your comments on our Contest, if you hate and expect your entry to be accepted, you are wrong.

9. Judges will judge fairly and will not accept any bribe. You cannot bring favoritism into the results if you are seen to do it. Your position as a judge will be snatched and you will be banned from our Club/Server.

10. Comment "Done"  if you have read these. It is to ensure any participant cannot skip the rules. We will be keeping a check on whether or not you have followed the rules so, act fairly!

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That's it! Proceed to the next chapter to know the available genres.

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