Chapter 9:Jatius here we come!

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I wake up a couple hours later to some turbulence. I looked at the time on the ceiling and saw that it 4:17AM, I'd only been asleep for about an hour and a half. I looked over to see that Serena was still sleeping on my shoulder, Pikachu was still sleeping on my lap as well. I pulled out a Mountain Dew and started to drink it. I kept looking at Serena, and then back to Pikachu. I am so lucky to have the hottest girlfriend ever and have a level 100 pokemon. I was interrupted when a glaceon came over to my seat and dropped a note on my lap next to Pikachu. I looked over at the Glaceon. "Are you May's Glaceon?" I asked it, And it responded with a simple nod and looked at the note.

Hey Ash, I'm so bored and the seatbelt light is still on so I sent Glaceon to give you this note. I just wanted to ask if you think it's still awkward between us. I felt like you were a little uncomfortable around me and I just wanted you to know that I'm happy for you and Serena, she is the perfect match for you and I'm just letting you know, I'm not jealous of you two ok. I just want us to be friends like we used to and not ex partners ok. Well you can write me back if you want, but I understand if Serena doesn't want us sending notes back and forth like high school crushes haha.

I laugh a bit at that last part and pull a pen out of my bag, I write.

May, I'm sorry that it's awkward or something like that, I guess it kinda was for me because my ex and my current were meeting each other. But it's totally fine, and yah I hope we can be friends too. Ohh and by the way, Nice idea sending Glaceon and not munchlax or someone like that. Haha!! Munchlax would just eat the note!! Anyways see you after the flight.

I gave the note back to Glaceon and sent it off to May. I just sat back and kept drinking my Mountain Dew, while day dreaming about having sex with Serena. I thought of new positions, maybe in the shower or in a forest, We've only had sex in a bed so switching it up would be nice.

Serena woke up about 10 minutes later because I coughed, it was one of those coughs that last pretty long. "hey, sorry I woke you." I say to her after I stop coughing.

"It's fine babe, looks like you were pretty bored." She says sitting up, noticing that her and the pokemon were asleep.

"Yah I guess I was." I reply scratching the back of my head. "So how was your nap beautiful?" I ask.

"It was the best nap ever!" She says. "I dreamt that you beat this regions league, and right after you won I gave you the best kiss ever." Serena explains with a blush.

"Ohh really?" I ask with a wink. "Maybe you should give me a preview of that kiss." Serena laughs and leans in for a kiss. Serena's soft lips touch mine and I passionately kiss her. We open our mouths and let our tongues explore each others mouths. After a full minute of kissing we pull away from each other. "Wow, that was the best kiss ever!" I tell her, making Serena blush.

"Thanks babe, I'll give you something better once we get to Jatius." She says with a wink. "Let's get some sleep ok." She says and lays her head on my shoulder and closes her eyes.

"Yah ok." I simply reply and close my eyes.

I wake up to the pilot announcing that we'll be landing soon. I wake up Serena, and Pikachu. "We're here?!" Serena asks with excitement.

"Yes we are." I say, looking at Pikachu with a determined look. I have to show to Serena that I am the best pokemon trainer in the world, and by beating this region I'd prove that.

The doors open and a freezing wave of air comes inside the plane. Everybody starts putting on their winter gear, Serena and I look at each other with concern. "well I didn't know this region was frozen." I say jokingly.

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