Chapter Nine: Connected

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Nick's POV

It must have taken quite awhile to drive all the way to Miley's, but to me it felt like no time at all. I would do anything right now to ensure she is safe. Call me desperate, but I just don't think I could let her go again. . .

In what it seemed as no time, I was pulling us outside her glorious house. The gravel crunched beneath my tyres, letting me know I was close. I pushed my foot down on the break and stopped the car. Casually, I swung open my door with my right hand and carefully climbed out. The door seemed unusually far away; I was quite nervous all of a sudden!

From inside the house as I got closer, I could hear the muffled sounds of dogs barking and yipping joyfully. I smiled to myself; this reminded me of Elvis, our dog. When Miley first met him all those years ago, she instantly fell in love with him, they were literally the best of friends. I remembered feeling almost jealous, as I thought that Elvis became the only reason why Miley ever visited.

I was stood right outside the door now. I could hear the dogs more clearly from there and, if I listened very carefully, I could pick up the sweet sound of Miley singing, possibly in the shower. To calm myself a little, I let out a long sigh then lifted my hand to knock. Almost as soon as I had done that, however, I noticed a door bell in the corner of my eye. I mentally punched myself for being so blind and narrow minded. Ah well.

It only took Miley a few seconds to reach the door. I heard her feet pattering across the ground in my direction. "C'mon! Get outta the way!" I heard her hiss, possibly to her dogs. I then heard the bolts slide and the door swung open silently, revealing Miley. I was right, she had been in the shower. Her platinum hair was still damp and stuck up in awkward places. I noticed that she wasn't even dressed yet; she was draped in a fluffy towel. "Nick!" Miley said, grinning from ear to ear. "Come on in! I would hug you but I'm afraid I'll get you wet!"

Miley held out her hand and gestured for me to come in so I did. She pushed the door closed and locked it again. "Go and wait in there; I'll only be a minute!" she called, giving me a wink then she scurried back up the winding staircase. Her dogs bounded up the stairs too, following their mistress and leaving me alone.

"Okay. . ." I whispered but I doubt she heard me. I took this moment to look around her house a little, but only the areas she has allowed me access.

Her living room was vast. There was a colossal marble fireplace against the wall but there was not a fire lit at the moment. A gorgeous, soft rug was spread in front of the fire and creme leather sofas were placed around it. The television, a 65" giant, was placed above the fireplace, overlooking the rest of the room. The ground was covered in wooden floorboards which stretched across the entire length of the room and the walls were basically glass, giving you a clear view of her vast garden.

I wandered back into the hall where I had just been. The same floorboards were also in here. The staircase was situated directly opposite the front door. Some of Miley's awards were displayed on a shelf next to the staircase and I drifted closer to take a look but before I could, the sounds of Miley walking down the stairs stopped me. I hopped backwards away from everything and returned to the exact spot she had left me in.

"Oh, Nick! Have you been waiting there the entire time?" she asked, a smug smile creeping on her lips.

"Yes," I lied. "I thought it best to do that, wandering around peoples houses unaccompanied is rude!"

* * *

Miley's POV

I lead Nick into my living room and sat him down in front of the television. "You can switch it on if you wanna watch?" I offered, chucking the remote his way. Nick caught it with one hand and grinned, pressing the correct buttons and watching the screen.

I sat down next to him and got myself comfortable. Nick placed his arm around me and I sunk into him, his warmth feeding through me like an electric current. We sat like this for a while; me snuggled up right next to Nick. It was nice and I wanted this to last forever. . .

"So how're you feeling?" he finally asked, removing his arm from me, causing me to fall onto his lap. I scrambled away, almost laughing and looking stupid.

"I'm fine, Nicky! You know I am!" I said teasingly.

"Don't call me Nicky, Mileypoo!" He retorted, trying to hide the grin on his face.

"Make me!" I cried and with that, Nick lurched forwards and began to tickle me. He instantly spark a laugh from me, I couldn't stop! My laughter became a scream of pain because laughing for ages hurts! I squirmed around in his arms uncontrollably. "Stop, Nick!" I begged through the stream of tears.

"Nahhh! I'll only stop when you promise to never call me Nicky again and admit that I'm your favourite person in the world!"


"Annnddd. . .?" he said, still tickling me.


Immediatly, he stopped tickling me and withdrew back into his sitting position. "That's good enough!" he cried then he began laughing when he saw my facial expression; it was all screwed up in a mixture of pain and laughter.

"Oh Nick! You're an idiot!" I said when I had finally calmed down and wiped away the tears.

"Oh yeah? Prove it!" he said in a teasing tone.

"Oh I'll prove it, alright." I thought. Quickly, I slid my arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.

* * *

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