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Bakugo aggressively stomped the ground below him

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Bakugo aggressively stomped the ground below him. The dorms were always so loud and they refused to let him sleep early. It was either let's play stupid games or do class activities.

Couldn't they just leave him alone.

The school year was set to start on Monday. Three days left of this break and then they would finally become class 2A. Unfortunately, Bakugo began remembering the last year. It was quite hectic. From the beginning, there was the USJ attack followed by the sports festival. The memory of the sports festival angered Bakugo as he remembered his lacklustre win. After that there were the events in Hosu City.

However although all of those events were bad Bakugo could not forget the summer camp incident. Tears of anger formed in his eyes as he remembered how weak he was. He was taken by the villains which then led to All Might having to fight AFO. Eventually All Might had to retire because he couldn't even protect himself. How pathetic.

The memories came flooding back into Bakugo's mind and he let out a frustrated scream.

He was wandering around the UA dormitories 10 minutes before curfew. Although Bakugo didn't want to return to the noisy dorm which held the 20 students of Class 1A he didn't want to suffer from Aizawa-Sensei's punishment again (the aftermath of him fighting with Deku).

He sighed as he decided to head back in the direction of the dorm where he lived. On his way he thought he heard a conversation ongoing close by. He wasn't one to eavesdrop therefore he was going to walk away until he heard the words,
"Joining the hero course was successful but finding her is my top priority! I start in a few days." Bakugo approaches the voice which leads him behind a bush. "Seems like I have to live in a dorm which means it will be harder to sneak out than it was at Shiketsu."
To Bakugo's shock there is only one person there.

The girl turns around and her (e/c) eyes lock with his Scarlett ones. Before Bakugo can question her,  she runs away. Bakugo begins chasing her as she sounded suspicious. He decided he wouldn't let her escape as it could be dangerous for all of the students later on.
The girl looks back to see a blonde boy chasing her. She stops in her tracks to allow Bakugo to catch up to her. Once the two are facing each other Bakugo speaks up,
"Who the hell are you and what were you talking about."
Bakugo tried to get closer to observe her face amidst the dark.

Before he can reach her the girl jumps behind Bakugo and gives him a fatal blow to the back of his head and pulls the two of his pinky fingers. The girl than pulls a visor over her eyes and touches the now paralysed boy. Bakugo, who is in utter shock, only looks up at the shadowy figure. Her fierce cat like eyes are the only things he can see in the dark.
"I'm sorry but you should head back to you're dorm or else you'll be in trouble."
With those final words Bakugo eye lids began to feel heavy.

"Shit, I didn't want to have to do that." The girl says leaving the now empty path alone.

*a really cute picture of Killua*

*a really cute picture of Killua*

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hey guys. this is the author here. Weird right.
Anyway i've decided to start a new book.
I'm not new to writing or anything but this is my first BNHA fan fiction.
I have been wondering this whole time whether or not i should make this a y/n or an OC.
I decided with y/n so you guys can imagine our protagonist to be whatever you think.
So what do you think her quirk is. Pretty interesting since i remember bakugo was knocked out so where did he go.
Is she evil.

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