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I look up at my posters of 5SOS and sigh.

"I'm never going to be able to see them," I groan, running a black-nailed hand through my bleached copper hair. Since it was dyed blue before, and I'd bleached again without using color remover, it has a greenish tinge in certain places. I pick at a strand of hair and look at it.

"I need to dye it," I comment to myself, rubbing my fingers together and twisting my hair. I have some green dye somewhere, but I've been too lazy to bleach and dye again.

"Hey, Em?" I hear and look toward the door where my mom stands, fidgeting nervously.

"What?" I demand, looking her over. She's wearing a pretty red dress and lots of makeup, making her green eyes stand out even more.

She twists her brown hair around her finger and looks at me, "I'm going out with your father," she finally says, meeting my eyes.


"Em..." she starts, but I stop her.

"I'm basically living here alone, you know?"

"I know."

We fall silent, and she keeps fidgeting. "Yeah. Well, have fun, I guess," I tell her with a sigh. She nods and gives me a small smile before closing my door and walking down the stairs. I listen to her footsteps descend, muffled voices speak, and the front door slam. I drop my head into my hands.

With a sigh, I grab my phone, sitting down on the edge of my black bed. I click the home button to see a Twitter notification from 5SOS. Curiosity piqued, I unlock my phone and open the application. I cover my mouth and gasp, unable to process what's happening.

"Holy fucking shit," I finally breathe as I stand up, repeatedly looking at my phone screen and rubbing my eyes, checking if it's real. It is. They added tour dates—to my city.

After the initial shock dies down, I exclaim, "They're coming—I can see them live! Oh my god."

Spinning around, I close my eyes and fall back onto my bed.

"I can't believe this," I say softly, holding my phone close to my chest.

I look above my bed where my huge poster of Luke is. He looks damn hot, and I still don't know why I thought it would be a good idea to put his poster right there. Where I'd always see it. And get distracted. Oh well.

I do realize that getting tickets is a different problem, but I have some money saved up.

Before I know it, I hear rattling downstairs. I must've dosed off.

Lurching up, I grab my phone, which had gotten tangled in the bed sheets.

"Mom!" I screech, almost falling down the stairs. "Dad!"

"What?" Mom watches me sprint for them.

"5SOS! They're coming!" I beam at them.

"When?" Dad looks at me uneasily.

"January 22," I say, looking from Mom to Dad.

"You can't go," Mom purses her lips.

"What? Why not?" I snap, instantly angry.

"We need you to house-sit that week." Dad tells me, "Your mother and I have a business trip, and someone needs to water the plants and feed Sam." He's referring to our huge mastiff, Samantha.

"Can't someone else do it? This is a once in a lifetime chance!" I plead. "You know they don't come here, like, ever! This could literally be the first and last time!"

"Em, no," Mom says simply, staring me down, challenging me to question her.

"Give me a good reason why I can't go," I try, raising an eyebrow at her.

"We can't come back immediately. What if someone tries to abduct you?"

"Nobody wants to abduct me," I laugh.

"We can't take the chance!"

"What if I go with someone?" I try, raising an eyebrow.


I don't respond, realizing I don't have anyone.

"I'm sorry, baby," Mom says with a frown, her voice soft.

"It's...it's fine," I sigh, turning around and walking up the stairs.

I go into my room, closing the door softly before turning on my music and throwing myself on my bed.

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