Breakfast for two

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start song; gloria by the lumineers


They're hours away from the disaster that is Dema, hidden away in a house that's been abandoned days away from people. From anybody.

before Josh can process much of anything, he's gazing into Tyler's eyes and asking him to be with him. The ring his mom had left him is slid onto Tyler's finger, it doesn't mean marriage, it's too soon but it's a promise of foreverness and they both need hope right now. and there's teasing, of course there is before-

They kiss. They'd only share small pecks to the forehead or their cheeks before this moment.

So finally, finally Josh's hand is cupping his jaw and Tyler is gripping his jacket and pulling him closer, closer, closer and making him smile against his  lips. "Yeah."

He says. "I like you so much."

"Just like?" Tyler says against his mouth, nose against his.

He goes to speak but settles for just kissing him again, harder than before. Tyler doesn't stumble and just presses into him and gives as good as he does, kissing him, touching him.

One of his hands falls to behind his neck. "More than like." He laughs, Tyler smiles at him sweetly and then presses his lips to his cheek, and then his jaw before kissing him properly again and letting his hands wander into the brown mess that is Josh's hair.

Still cupping Tyler's jaw, Josh goes to deepen the kiss, bottom lip to top lip, tongue sliding into his mouth but Tyler's already doing it before the thought is passing through his mind.

Tyler leads the kiss easily and before Josh knows it, he's stepping closer to him and he's forced to take a step back to keep his balance. He takes a few steps back and Tyler follows the movement.

Josh's  hands grips his waist and Tyler's hands go to his pecks and then his ribs and lower and he can't help the stupid noise that comes out his mouth when He bites at his lip gently before pulling back just enough so their eyes could meet.

"Everything you've been dreaming of?" He asks softly, one of his fingers tracing the zipper of his jacket, gently starting to pull it down.

"Mhm," He tilts his head and moves them backwards until the peeling walls of the house are just a step behind him. "Yeah," He says, touching along his neck. "Perfect. We're perfect together." He mumbles, distractedly.

"I like the ring." Tyler zips down his jacket completely then, leaving his chest exposed. His eyes wander across his body and he wonders if he's only just now started to notice the way he looks.

"I-," He says, eyes widening a fracture as he then presses him against the wall with his entire body. "Um good." He breathes out as a soft kiss is pressed to his jaw. "I wasn't sure if it was..." He breathes out deeply when Tyler nips at his skin. "Something you'd like."

"Thought you knew everything about me?" Tyler mumbles. He's strong and Josh melts against him, he can't imagine trying to switch their positions. He's not proud of it, the way he curves into his touch. He hasn't been touched in almost a year, saving himself for Tyler, for the moment he would finally decide maybe he was the one that Tyler wanted after they left Dema together. After weeks and weeks of planning.

Tyler didn't need to know that though. He couldn't let him know how pathetic he had become from the moment he had met him. From the moment he had seen him being escorted around by the bishops like a pawn that they'd lost.

They kiss and kiss and kiss. Hands pushing clothes out of the way, or specifically Tyler undressing him as they go, his hands pull his jacket off and then press against his chest and down his stomach to the belt of his pants but he doesn't do much more than that. Tyler lets him take off his jacket and that about it, he's afraid just a bit to mess up. Make this end.

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