Luke Hemmings

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I stare at the clock, hoping that if I stare long enough, it'll go faster. No such luck.

"Miss White, please pay attention," Ms. Brown sighs. I glance at her and feel eyes on me. I blush and nod.

"Sorry, Ms. Brown," I whisper and I hear giggles. Rolling my eyes as I hear voices, I resist the urge to storm out of the room. I absolutely hate my stupid classmates.

"Miss White?" Ms. Brown asks. I hadn't been listening, again. "What's the answer?"

"Um... X is 38?" I say uncertainly, rubbing my neck nervously.

"No..." Ms. Brown frowns. "The answer is not 38. Anyone else?" 

The class nerd, Rick, raises his hand. "The answer is quite simple! It's 95!" he says triumphantly, smirking at me and re-adjusting his glasses. Resisting the urge to smack the stupid grin off his face, I roll my eyes. Glancing at the clock again, I count down the seconds.


The bell rings, and I'm the first to stand up. I gather my things and quickly walk to the door.

"Miss White!" Ms. Brown stops me on my way out. This can't be good.

"Yes, Ms. Brown?" I ask sweetly, dreading what's to come.

"I think you would benefit from a tutor." She looks at me. My face falls, and I resist the urge to roll my eyes again.

"I'm fine, thank you." I try to leave, but she grabs my wrist.

"Miss White, I'm serious!" she snaps, but then her eyes soften. She releases my hand and looks at me. "You're not doing very well, and..." she trails off.

"Okay! Fine! Who's my tutor?" I say reluctantly.

"I'll have to contact him first, so it's not completely set, but I was considering Luke," Ms. Brown replies.

"Luke Hemmings?" I say, hoping it's a different Luke and not the Luke Hemmings I have in mind. 

"I was considering him, yes," she replies, and I try not to groan.

"Okay. I'll see you tomorrow, Ms. Brown." I give her a forced smile and rush out of the room. Luke Hemmings was my best friend from grade school up until junior high. He completely abandoned me when we got into high school and he got popular. We don't have any classes together like we used to, and he's now hanging out with a different crowd. He has no time for me anymore. I used to try to call him, but he was always too busy with his friends and never called back. Eventually, I just gave up, even though it hurt. 

Sprinting to my locker, I dump my books and grab my bag. Absolutely perfect! My tutor is my ex-best friend! That's not awkward at all!

I whack my head on my locker and groan, realizing I'm going to have to study with Luke for long hours on end. It's going to be horrifically awkward. "Fuck," I mutter to myself. Sighing, I rush around the corner and walk straight into something hard.

"Oof!" I fall backwards, and my bag falls open. My phone, wallet, makeup, and diary spill out onto the floor. I groan and look up at the idiot that... "Luke Hemmings!" I snap.

"Britney White!" he chuckles, his blue eyes sparkling. "Sorry, you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." I grab my things and stuff them in my bag. Luke extends his hand, and I blush, letting him help me up. "Sorry."

"You sure you're okay?" He lowers his face to mine, grinning. Being well over 6 feet tall, he towers over me. He sure is cocky, considering he abandoned me.

"Yeah," I tell him, not looking him in the eye. It still hurts to have him so close to me but not my friend anymore.

"All right, then." He blushes a bit and walks off. I exhale, not realizing I had been holding my breath.

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