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Rosita walked up to Fez. She kinda hesitated, she didn't know if he was mad or sad.

The thing with Fezco is that he really doesn't know what to do with his feelings.

Him being a drug dealer takes part in that. He doesn't want to show feelings or show his weak points.

Rosita is another story.

He feels vulnerable around her, he feels like he can be himself without drugs or being a monotone guy. She knows he has that effect on him.

"I know we haven't talked in a while," Rosita started off saying, "And I feel really bad because your always there for me."

Her eyes turned blurry with tears coming out.
"I was...just scared...I," she got cut off but Fez holding her. He held her as tight as he can and never wanted to let go.

"It's okay Rose, I never wanted to put you in that position you know?" She looked up at him and wiped her tears. "Yeah, I know," she replied fixing herself then stood next to him.

Maddy came up to the duo and asked for where "Molly" is. "Yeah she's just over at the pretzel stand." Rosita was clueless then she loudly gasp. getting what she means.

"Anyways can we please go on one ride?"

Fez looked at the smaller girl. He knew he had to stay for his business but she looked like she really wanted him to go.

"Lemme tell you what," He gave her some spare molly, "Go have fun and then come back at 9 and we will go on the ferris wheel."

She grabbed the molly from his hands, gave him a kiss on the cheek, and ran off to find Rue.

Couple minutes later Rosita saw Rue and walked right up to her and gave her a giant hug.

Rue looked at her confused, "And why did you do that?" Rosita replied, "Because I haven't talked to you and I missed you so much."

Rue pulled her off the hug, "Are you high?"
Rose nodded, she barely gets high but when she does she loves it.

They all went out having fun then Rue had to find her sister so Rosita thought it was a good time to meet up with Fez.

She felt a hand grab her arm and pulled her to the chilli stand. "Omg! Why did you pull me away?," Rosita said touching the boy.

Nate became mad cause he never saw her like this. "Are you high?"

"Oh my god yes, why does everyone want to know."

Nate facepalm himself thinking that he should've kept an eye on her. "Did he give you it."

She look at him confused, "Why does it matter." She tried to leave the grip of his hand on her arm.

"It matters because!"

Rosita felt Nate getting aggressive. "Nate stop! You're hurting me!," she cried out loud.

He let go of the girl and saw that he left marks on her wrists. "If you tell anymore, you're dead to me," he stated before he went back to work.

The girl was speechless she didn't even know what to do. She didn't know that Nate was capable of actually hurting her. Rosita was lucky that she had a spare jacket so she could cover up.

After that incident she headed to Fez for the "date". "You ready ma?," he asked her. Rosita didn't respond for a while.


She snapped out of it and replied, "Yeah, yeah sorry let's go." She smiled at him and then they headed to the ferris wheel.

For most of the time they were laughing they asses off, telling jokes, and just trying to make each other happy.

"So I just said fuck it and jumped off the bridge into the water."

"Yo that's crazy, didn't know you was capable of that," Fez looked into the girls eye.

Suddenly it became quiet.

Rosita looked into the stars and everything around them thinking about her life and what led up to this.

"I could kiss you right now but I don't think that appropriate you know?"

Her eyes widened when she heard those words coming out of Fezco's mouth. "Really?," she replied felling her cheeks burn up.

Before she could even say something else, she felt a pair of soft lips on her own.

Fezco's lips.

She kissed him back and it felt like fireworks. Like the whole world was on pause and she was high off a drug.

It was so passionate and felt real. She was falling hard for him.....

And he was falling for her.

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