*Slash* ..::The Brothers::.. [08]

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When I woke up the next morning I was even hotter than usual, and I smiled to myself, remembering the reason why. I squeezed Aiden closer to me for a moment, relishing his smell and warmth and basic closeness and he murmured in his sleep at the movement.

 It was Sunday, so he was off school, and by some fluke I didn't have work today either. We could stay in bed all day if we wanted to, doing whatever we wanted to. And right now, I just wanted to lay here with him in my arms and forget about everything that happened yesterday.

 Well. Everything before going to bed anyway.

 Just I was settling in to try and get back to sleep, I heard my phone vibrate gently on my bedside table, and I reached out to grab it before it woke Aiden. I saw I had a message and flipped the phone open, then immediately wished I hadn't.

Meet me in town at the cafe in twenty minutes. We're spending the day together and tonight I AM staying over at yours.

Vienna 10:02

I groaned quietly and put my phone back down on the table, curling myself back around my brother for a minute before easing myself gently out of the bed so as not to wake him. He whimpered slightly as I moved, but settled into my warm space in the bed and snuggled into the covers. I watched him sleep for a few moments, he looked so adorable. I wanted to wake him and play with him and kiss him and hold him.

Instead I got dressed quickly and quietly, and slipped from the room, closing the door carefully behind me.

'Where are you going?' a muffled voice demanded from somewhere around my elbow and I looked around to see Alana leaning against the bathroom doorjamb with a toothbrush sticking out of her mouth.

'Town,' I said flatly, walking towards the top of the stairs.


'Work,' I lied.

'Can I get a lift?'

I looked up at her suspiciously. 'Where are you going?'

'I need to pick up some CDs from Virgin. Then I think I'll go have some lunch in the Briar Rose.'

I scowled.

'Where are you really going?' she asked, still brushing her teeth but walking further out of the bathroom now and leaning against the dodgy banister.

'I have an appointment,' I deadpanned.

'Doctor? Dentist? Lawyer?'

'Employer,' I said, which wasn't even a lie.

'Promotion, eh? Somebody's been a good boy.'

I eyed her carefully. There was something about the way she said that... 'Is there something you actually wanted Alana or can I get going?'

She shrugged. 'Just making conversation,' she said easily, pushing herself off the banister and moving back into the bathroom.

I shook off her weird questions and went downstairs, grabbing a handful stale dry cereal for breakfast and the car keys before shrugging on my coat and leaving the house.


'Wake up, lazybones!'

I pulled the covers over my head and groaned. 'Go away,' I shouted, my voice sounding muffled even to me.

'No, get up,' Alana snapped, pulling the covers away from over my head. 'We have a mission to carry out.'

'A what?'

'A mission. A quest. A journey of grave peril. You know, like in a movie.'

'Have you actually lost your senses?' I asked, reaching a hand up to her forehead, genuinely concerned. She slapped me away.

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