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Athena and Lily never made up. The had both fallen in love with dear, sweet Brody. Meaning that Scorpius' plan had succeeded. Now, of course, the newest addition to the Malfoy family joined the Death Eaters and was one of the Dark Lord's most faithful servants.

School ended early that year. The teachers decided Hogwarts was no longer safe. The Potters, you ask? Let's see how their story ended....
"James Potter! You put that wand down, right now!" Harry's voice echoed down the hall.
"Dad, I can't." The boy replied, his cheek paling even more.
"Put it down, now."
"I'm sorry, avada kedavra! " The boy cried.
Harry dropped lifeless to the floor.

I'm sorry.
The last two words Harry Potter ever heard. His death was quick, I can assure you that.
No one ever saw James Potter again. Some say he died of regret, or pain, it's not true. After killing his father, he truly became evil. So evil, in fact, that Voldemort feared the boy, and slit his throat.
Ginny committed suicide after she raised her final two children. She could not bear the pain of being separated from Harry.
The Potter children and all of their companions were never seen again, they fled from the Dark Lord and vanished from all existence.
Voldemort ruled over all of Europe for thousands of years, no one knows what happened after that. It is yet to come... But one thing is for certain.... No one is EVER truly dead.

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